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The host decides the guest list...Go Miss Manners!

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This is from, so no registration should be needed.  The letter-writer wanted to invite her out-of-town guests to someone else's birthday party, and the host declined.  The LW had the nerve to expect Miss Manners to side with her. 

Unfortunately, this will probably never be read by the masses who actually need this guidance. <sigh>

While l don't begrudge the writer for asking (assuming she did so in a polite manner) to bring her out of towners to the b-day party, what gets me is her attitude after she got denied. Like she was entitled to bring extra guests and how dare they refuse her. Um, hello! Get a clue! Gotta love Miss Manners. She knows how to put a person in their place w/out being nasty about it.  ;)

Bob Ducca:
I love the idea the writer had that, apparently, asking is just a formality one observes if one has good manners.  If asked, of course the answer should be "Yes!"  Anything else would be rude!!

Really.  It sounds like the hosts were as polite as they could be in their refusal of her request, and Miss Manners was right on target (as usual).

I had a friendship end over this exact matter a few months ago.

Evil Duckie:
I wish more people would read this. 

I had a "friend" try to do this and was like the writer upset that I said no. Only this was a dinner party and I did not have room for more guests.


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