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I'll speak more softly from now on.

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There's this woman I work with - she's harmless, but annoying sometimes - and she sits in the cubicle just on the other side of the wall from me.

Our company doesn't make a big deal out of handling personal matters here if we are on our lunch hour or we make up the time. DH accidentally left his company laptop in the gate at the airport terminal Monday and called me between flights to see if I would call Lost and Found at the airport and ask if anyone had turned it in. His connecting flight was only 35 minutes later than his first flight, and he was running to catch it.

I called the airport and spent just a few minutes trying to track down the process and get the ball rolling on finding it.

This morning I get an email from cubicle neighbor asking if I ever found my DH's laptop.

Now this isn't the first time she has been nosy about something I was trying to straighten out on the phone with someone. I realize that cubicles aren't the best place to conduct business if I don't want people to hear what I'm saying. Most of the time, the business is not personal and I don't care if people hear me talking about it.

It kind of bugs me when she sticks her nose in, though, and invites herself to participate.

I wrote back and said that I didn't realize I was being so loud yesterday and that from now on, I'll keep it down or go call from a conference room.

I wouldnt respond at all. It's engaging, and it only encourages the behavior, imo.

I wonder about this too.

My boss *always* comments on my phone calls, most often when I am still tending to them! She will interrupt in the middle of a work call, thinking she can handle it better than I can... At least that's what I gather she thinks as she's always interrupting with 'helpful' tips or questions about the discussion.  ::)

If it's personal, she will wait until I hang up (thank DOYC for small miracles) and then ask me questions about the conversations after I've hung up.

I understand that there is basically no way to *not* hear my conversations and I temper what I say according to that understanding; HOWEVER there is this teeny little thing called DISCRETION that she lacks completely.

*ahem* Ok I'm done ranting.

I've taken to ignoring her completely. I think my next course of action when she interrupts will be to say "Excuse me boss? I'm on the PHONE!" Think she'll get it?

Long story not-so-short, I feel your pain and will be reading this thread closely to find some more good solutions. :) Working in a cube farm has it's own set of fun challenges doesn't it?

Well, and especially with certain people who can't take the hint. She replied with "I promise I wasn't eavesdropping."

Well then how do you know what I was talking about?? I didn't respond to that one.

It's nearly impossible to not be heard between cubicles.  The polite thing I think is for everyone to pretend that they cannot hear private conversations and not bring the subject up unless the co-worker brings it up-and even then don't let on that you had even a clue about the subject.


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