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Author Topic: The WORST houseguest?  (Read 30947 times)

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The WORST houseguest?
« on: March 31, 2007, 01:26:10 AM »
Ok, I'll admit, I like hearing about your worst house guest stories. So what is your WORST one (if it's already posted, link me!)

I don't have alot of houseguest stories, simply because I never have the room to have someone stay with me for an extended period of time. Once though, quite awhile back I was living CRIVINS! my husband and daughter in a one bedroom apartment. It had this HUGE closet that actually fit a crib and a dresser along with some shelves so that was my daughters room, until she was slightly over a year old.

Anyhow, i had had a friend that was pregnant the same time I was and her baby is only slightly older than my own. She was going through some hard times and asked if she could stay with us for two or three days Since she had a baby I was hard pressed to say no. I had been asked several times before by different people and had always said no. I talked this over with my husband and we decided that she could stay with us for a couple days only, since we literally did not have room for another body, let alone two.

The first night she is over she commandeers my daughters crib for her child, since "She can sleep in your bed". Apparently her child slept so cute that she had to use MY camera to take 15 pictures of him sleeping (this was film, BTW)

The second night, and the third night, she is going to run out and get groceries (she had offered to help pick up a few things for us while she was there, those were LEAN days) yet she doesn't come back. She leaves her child with us and went out partying until the wee hours of the morning. She didn't have a key to the apartment so she had to bang on the door and wake us up to get in. We sat her down and said we have a "curfew" of 11 PM because we can't leave the door unlocked all night and we didn't want to wake up whenever she got home. She was also told that we don't mind watching the baby but she needs to ASK and be upfront about where she is. She asks to stay with us a couple more days. I agree because i didn't want to throw her out of the house.

Things (predictably) get worse. She is unhappy with the curfew we imposed on her. She takes my daughter out of her swing where she is sleeping to put her child in it. She starts "borrowing" our diapers and baby food.

A week later, my husband and I tell her she needs to find another place to stay, that things are too crowded and we cannot afford to keep feeding her and supplying her with diapers and baby food. She gets angry, states she DID buy groceries and calls another friend. The groceries and replacement diapers never appear.

BUT before she left she DID steal all of my baby spoons and about half the bottles I had for my daughter.

Oh, and the groceries she bought? A gallon of ice cream that she generously shared.


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Re: The WORST houseguest?
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2007, 06:49:05 AM »
Does Princess Pantene count as a houseguest?

I rarely have houseguests, since I am antisocial, but this happened to my poor mother.


My cousin (about 48 yrs at the time) went to stay with her for a while.   She is a slob extraordinaire, no lie. 

I have blocked out most of the details, but when she left, my mom found used Tampax stuffed down the heating registers.



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Re: The WORST houseguest?
« Reply #2 on: April 01, 2007, 07:53:10 AM »

My cousin (about 48 yrs at the time) went to stay with her for a while.   She is a slob extraordinaire, no lie. 

I have blocked out most of the details, but when she left, my mom found used Tampax stuffed down the heating registers.


At 48? She hasn't figured out how to dispose of things like that?

I can't imagine that's stupidity. There must be malice there.
"The sky's the limit. Your sky. Your limit. Now, let's dance!"


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Re: The WORST houseguest?
« Reply #3 on: April 01, 2007, 10:55:00 PM »
Thankfully I haven't (yet) had a houseguest that was from hell, but this story did happen to a friend of mine about 10 years ago.

My friend "Liz" had emigrated to this country and was contacted by an old friend (MiserWoman) of hers from the original country, inviting herself to stay with Liz.  Liz happily agreed and warmly welcomed her friend to her home.

Liz was on fixed income (she was in her late 50s at this stage), and lived in a small but very nice 1 bedroom unit.  MiserWoman, on the other hand, had a large disposable income and was quite free with her money - on herself.  She stayed with Liz for 10 days, never once offered to pay for groceries or contribute towards household expenses, never offered to pay for either herself or Liz when they went out, and commandeered the bedroom during her stay. She stood back and allowed/waited for Liz to pay for everything - bus fares, meals, entry fees etc.  She did, however, buy herself expensive souvenirs, jewellery and clothes during her stay.  She also never offered to help with the cooking, cleaning etc. 

I was flabbergasted when Liz told me this story shortly after the "friend" (leech) left.  She couldn't explain why she allowed this to happen.  She doesn't like to offend people but she's not normally a doormat either.  The only thing Liz could put it down to was that MiserWoman thought that the host should pay for everything, and that if she went to visit MiserWoman then MiserWoman would pay for everything.  Liz never had a chance to find out though as she never heard from MiserWoman ever again.

I can feel myself getting het up over this and it didn't even happen to me!


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Re: The WORST houseguest?
« Reply #4 on: April 02, 2007, 06:39:06 AM »
Our last houseguest wasn't from hell - but certainly from heck at least : )

Probably best described in the letter I would have liked to write >:D

Dear Houseguest

Thankyou for your recent visit.  Just a couple of things I would like to mention before you impose... er visit us again.

I realise that due to the short notice of you coming to stay we didn't get to chat much before your visit.  And perhaps you didn't really understand what I meant when I asked what you like to eat or if there is something you don't like/eat.  A reply of "anything" tends to give me the impression you will actually eat "anything".  So the gluten free and soy product demands requests did come as a bit of shock when you mentioned them on the morning you arrived after I had gone shopping and menu planned.

I don't expect you to help cook or clean on a 3 day visit, but the occasional offer to clear dishes or the like would have been nice - rather than you plopping down on the couch after dinner and asking for dessert while playing with the TV channels.

Its nice you missed your friends when you were in town.  Perhaps next time though you could get them to call before 1am and then you wont be interupted when we bang on the door after half an hour of giggling.

I have a perfectly functioning laundry and bathroom towel racks.  It is appreciated if wet towels could go to one of these two places rather than hung over my canvas lamp for 2 days.

I do appreciate that you smoked outside,  however could you please shut the front door if you are going to lean on the screen door to smoke, especially when those were definitely NOT umm store bought cigarettes.

Oh and in regards to your comment about staying with us for longer while you look for a place to stay when you come up here for work later this year...we have turned the spare room into an recreation room and as such we regret that we just don't seem to have a place for you to crash.  I can recommend a number of hotels and realestate services though.



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Re: The WORST houseguest?
« Reply #5 on: April 02, 2007, 09:31:53 AM »
I think the worst was a family who stayed with us for about a week.  (Originally supposed to be three days, then four, then six).  Daughters were 17 months and 4 years.  Husband did his best to take care of them.  Mom woke up no earlier than 1 pm the entire visit, then got snippy when I wanted to go to bed (with my 3 month old) at 8 pm.  Anything we planned was rejected out of hand and replaced with activities she wanted, and then she got snippy that I didn't want my 3 month old outside in the sun all day (and I was still breast-feeding, and do not do it in public).

Her thank-you note expressed her regret that I didn't spend more time with them.


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Re: The WORST houseguest?
« Reply #6 on: April 02, 2007, 10:17:07 AM »
I've actually had one guest who was worse than MIL and SIL, each of whom moved in (the former for one month, the latter for eight) and had to be kicked out.

The other guest didn't actually stay.

It was the summer following my sophomore year of college. I was working at a chicken joint (not the one Pamela Anderson dislikes. I've worked with two different chains) and the manager of another store had fired his whole staff two months earlier, and still hadn't hired many people to replace them all. So I was working a full 40 hours at each store--my own and the other store--each week. This left no time to clean my apartment, but it also left me no time to mess it up. My roommate handled the messing up and ignored the idea of cleaning.

My "best friend" from junior high and high school called to say she was coming for a visit. She left the message with my roommate, including the date and time to expect her (arriving on a Friday). I did manage to call and verify this before arranging several days off work--including one full day (Thursday) before her arrival to clean the small apartment, knowing my roomie would never lift a finger. We also discussed the hours I was working, so it's not like anything that happened next should have surprised her.

Wednesday night I arrived home from work (actually 3 a.m. Thursday) to see a note from my roomie that "Jay" would be arriving at 11 a.m. Thursday instead of Friday. My plan had been to crash and sleep until about noon, before getting up to clean for company. I'd hoped to have two good nights' sleep and a clean apartment for this "friend" of 12 years. Instead, I faced the choice of cleaning or sleeping--while my roomie slept in the next room. I opted to sleep a few hours and left a note for roomie to wake me before leaving for work--at 7.

I actually managed to get the livingroom/kitchen picked up before my "friend" arrived--at NINE. It wasn't clean by anyone's standards, but she was a full 26 hours early and I was mainlining strong coffee with one hand.

She walked in, accepted my greeting and hug, then looked around and said, "Ugh. This is disgusting. I can't stay here, even for one more minute." She then turned around and left. To say I was flabbergasted would be a huge understatement. That was 1980, and we haven't spoken since. I ran into her sister once a few years later, and she apologized for Jay's nastiness.

I guess I should've expected this sort of consideration from her, though. I'd told her the previous year that she could visit anytime except Final Exam Week, and that's exactly when she showed up. With no money for food, and complaining that I actually needed time to study for exams.


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Re: The WORST houseguest?
« Reply #7 on: April 02, 2007, 11:06:06 AM »
These are horrible.  I share the sentiment that fish and houseguests stink after 3 days... or earlier. 

My stories aren't as bad, but I have a kinda funny, bizarre one.  Long, but it's a good story:

My in-laws live 3 big states away, and we only see them about twice a year (when we visit "the hometown" and see everyone).  So last summer we were glad when SIL and her boyfriend decided to come up for a weekend and visit us. 

Except they didn't so much visit us.  Mostly they hid around the house and made out.  Went out on the back porch to make out.  Holed up in our spare bedroom to make out.   

They were 22 and 23 years old at the time, but they're young for their ages, live with their respective parents, etc.  They announced to us that it was their first "overnight" together.  I was feeling weird about that, like I was an accomplice to juvenile delinquency.  And my MIL kept calling on the phone to ask in detail about what they were doing.  ???  A big part of coming all the way out to visit us was to spend alone time with each other. 

They also played a rough game of tag (among other things) in the small house we rent, and I had to ask them to stop before they knock the bookshelves loose.  Stuff was flying, cats hiding, etc.  I don't like feeling like the strict stepmom or something when we are practically the same age.  I hate to have to say something (re: the tough tag), but even when MIL is with them she just laughs at how cute they are, like they're rowdy puppies.

And as I said on another thread, they don't exactly eat meals and such, so that was weird too.  SIL basically is allergic to most all but 3 things.  SIL's BF was a hearty, boyish eater when we first met him but has become increasingly food phobic; now his eating habits resemble hers.  So while they were here DH and I ate from our cheese & crackers/fruit platters, ate nice dinners, drank wine, etc etc while they picked at white bread and water that they brought with them.  (This isn't abnormal for them, though I had wondered if that would be different when away from MIL).

The one time they did eat was when I made a salad, corn on the cob and burgers on the BBQ.  SIL's BF ate a burger by itself and SIL took everything out of the salad and had some lettuce. 

By the way, I am just relating an amusing story, not complaining about their eating habits (no, really).  I wasn't put out -- in fact, they are inexpensive houseguests, very easy in that way.  I make things that I suspect they may decide to eat, but I know how it is and don't take it personally. 

Back to the rude parts:  SIL's BF criticized our apparent lack of stuff.  He wanted to know why we didn't have an office.  Well, it's a 1,000 sq ft house.  That phone over there?  Is our office.  And he wanted to know why we didn't have a kitchen clock.  He kept saying that DH and I didn't have as much stuff as he did, because "We have an X room, or X products."  He lives with his parents.  Yeah, my daddy has an office too. 

Also, when they went through our fridge like it was a museum, taking out things and exclaiming over them.  I guess it held ultra-exotic fixings or something.  At one point, SIL's BF took out something and said, "Did you buy this in America??" like it was freaky.  It was some frozen veggie thing that I probably bought at Food Lion.  I mean, really now.

Oh, and then there was the afternoon when the BF seemed to be communicating with one of our cats.  I asked him if he liked cats, and he said, "No! I was just looking at it." 

What??  When I finally got my speaking voice back, I tried to clarify that I was wondering if he was a cat or a dog person? But he was all flustered and insisting that "it was a logical conclusion" or whatever.  (What conclusion?)

Anyway, he went on an on, but I tried to explain that I wasn't accusing him of molesting the cat or whatever, but you know what -- I think I'll just keep him away from my pets.  That was weirding me out big-time.

At the end of the visit, they suggested that they stay all week and play house while we're getting work done.  Um, no. 

Though to his credit, SIL's BF actually thanked me on their way out.  I have to admit that it again took me a moment to find my voice.  Those two used to be a lot ruder, but they're getting increasingly well-mannered, in my opinion.  We've visited with them twice since then, and noticed a change.


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Re: The WORST houseguest?
« Reply #8 on: April 02, 2007, 11:21:37 AM »
A little background. MIL and FIL love to travel and fly somewhere different (within the US) every weekend. We joke that because we now live by a major airport (1500 miles from their home), we see them way more often than we did when we lived 40 minutes away by car. Her visits are always entertaining, to say the least, but the worst visit would have to be about a year ago, right after my husband and I bought our first house.

Here are some of the outtakes from the visit:

- They brought my grandmother-in-law without telling us. Now, we adore Grandma, but we were not prepared for an extra guest, and had nowhere to put her.

- They treated our house like a hotel. Left their wet towels and dishes everywhere, and made a general mess of everything. Cleaning the bathroom up after they left was a very unpleasant job. I won't go into any more detail than that. I spent most of the time cleaning up after them.

- They're difficult to cook for, because they like to eat everything my husband or I can't eat (he has cholesterol problems), and complain when I try to find a healthier compromise, or if I don't happen to have something specific they wanted in the fridge or the pantry.

- The first night I made dinner, MIL offered to help prepare. As soon as I took her up on it, she said she didn't want to mess up her manicure.

- They took us out to dinner at a nearby restaurant that they chose, and complained loudly throughout the entire meal. MIL decided to ask me at the top of her lungs whether or not I have my nipples pierced.  ??? Several people in the restaurant turned around a stared at me in disgust. Being a bit shy in large groups, I was mortified. When the bill came, we had to split it with them because it was too much. I'm always happy to split the bill, but they told us they were taking us out to dinner to say thank you for letting them stay with us. The grand total was $50, with tip, for 5 people. Not exactly unreasonable.

-  MIL has allergies. We have a dog. When we know she's coming to visit, we deep clean the entire house, and block off the part of the house they will be staying in so that the dog won't be in that area, and provide an ionic air purifier for their room to try and help. She complained the entire time about her allergies, and how I must be a terrible housekeeper, but refused to take any of her allergy medication because she "didn't want to".  Probably not my finest moment, but I politely told her I'd be happy to take her to the nearest hotel.

- The kicker was their attitude towards the new house. They made disparaging comments about every little thing, the fixtures, doors, the paint, etc, knowing that we were excited about our first home. For the most part, I just ignored it, but felt bad for my poor husband. We later found out that they were annoyed, because our house is slightly bigger than theirs.  ::)


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Re: The WORST houseguest?
« Reply #9 on: April 03, 2007, 09:06:02 AM »
Twik, my cousin is just plain nuts.   I could write a book about why I won't speak to her.

My mom is only nice to her out of respect for my late aunt, who was my mom's sister.

I'm not that nice.


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Re: The WORST houseguest?
« Reply #10 on: April 03, 2007, 05:18:08 PM »
Worst?  My late Mother's husband, "Ken".  He stayed with us for a week after Mom died.  I never liked him, I HATED the way he treated my Mom, (he treated her like a replacement part for his late wife) but I never let on that I couldn't stand him as that would be rude, and I didn't want to hurt Mom.  However he totally and completely irritated me when Mom died. 

 1. He never spent any time with her in the hospital, he said he had "been there, done that" when his first wife died.
2.  He gave away many family "treasures" to the neighbor lady across the street. (Who he moved in with 3 months later)

3. When it came time to fill out the death certificate he didn't know: Mom's maiden name, birth-date, where she was born, how many children she had, her middle name, or if she had siblings.  They were married 10 years.... and he didn't know the smallest detail about her.   He kept trying to give the funeral director his FIRST wife's information.... the Funeral director just talked to me.

But back to his visit:   He was rude.  He ate everything in the house and never lifted a finger to help, not even the day  Mom died when I was busy on the phone notifying family.   He broke several sentimental items in my home, with NO apology.  He CHAIN-SMOKED in my non-smoking home!   I smoke, but I do not smoke in my house!   If I could go outside, so could he.... Hubby finally put his foot down.
He brought his spoiled little dog who was in heat and let her bleed all over my white comforter, she also went potty on my new carpet.   Oh and chased my 3 cats including my 19 year old cat who had AIDS!

All of that I could have forgiven, if he had not come into my office as I was writing Mom's obituary the morning after her death to tell me how long it had been since he and Mom had had sex, and rubbed my leg!    I tossed him out of my office, told my brother (who had also spent the night) and my husband, and was never alone with "Ken" again.

I have not spoken to him since the memorial service, and I have no intention of ever speaking to him again.



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Re: The WORST houseguest?
« Reply #11 on: April 03, 2007, 05:38:12 PM »
 :o :o :o

Pixie that's horrible. I hope you never have to see that rotten man again.


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Re: The WORST houseguest?
« Reply #12 on: April 03, 2007, 06:38:46 PM »
Oh, Pixie, that really is awful.

Unfortunately, you've reminded me of yet another rude one.

My mother's stepmother (Aunt G) did not come out for my Dad's funeral when he died. Not a problem, she lived about 1,200 miles away and not everyone can travel on short notice. Instead she visited about a month later.

Dad had been disabled and in a wheelchair or electric Scoota for 10 full years. We had a Stair-Glide to take Dad up to his own bedroom at night, and ramps in the family room and garage of this colonial (one step up here, a step down there) house so Dad could get from one room to another.

We picked Aunt G up from the airport and as she walked up the garage ramp she was shaking her head. When she stepped into the family room she exclaimed loudly, "I thought you'd be rid of these things by now!" She was talking about the wheelchair ramps, but she wasn't any happier to see we hadn't just ripped the Stair-Glide out of the wall five minutes after burying my Dad.

Ever change the levels of something in your home after getting used to the way things are? Miscount the number of stairs as you're going up or down in the dark? It's embarrassing and can hurt.

Wheelchair ramps are tricky for those not in wheelchairs. If you approach the ramp from the side you have to remember to lift one foot higher to clear the angle, and Mom actually broke her pinkie toe several times because she forgot to do this and smashed it into the ramp.

But if you're used to the gradual slope of a ramp instead of the full riser of a stair, the mere thought of removing the ramp is pretty scary. Especially in a family full of clutzes who can trip over our own tiny feet. When we finally did take the ramps out, every person familiar with that house tripped multiple times. We'd lived there more than 20 years, but half that time there wasn't a step. It didn't belong.

The Stair-Glide, btw, stayed until it died.

Aunt G is still alive, but has not been back.

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Re: The WORST houseguest?
« Reply #13 on: April 03, 2007, 08:03:15 PM »
My worst house guest story?

Back in one of my early university years, I had an apartment with my sister.  Well a friend came over and brought a couple of her friends.  One of the other girls I knew somewhat, but she was only an aquaintance.  I had hung around with a group of friends where she was on a couple occasions, but really, all I knew was that this girl went to my University and still lived at home with her parents.

Anyways, when it became late, most of the group got rides home in taxis, but this one girl lived waaaaaaaaaay on the opposite side of town from everybody else.  She tried to call her parents but could not get them on the phone, nor did she have any money for a cab.  Myself being a broke 17 year old as well, didnt feel like handing over someone $30 for a cab so I told her she could crash on the sofa until her parents were awake in the morning.

Well I went to bed, exhausted, and she came into my room and sat on my bed.  I was then subjected to what seemed like a pet cat trying to meow its owner awake for the next few hours.  She kept saying "I'm BOOOOOOOOORED"...  "Lets go out an DO something", "I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bored!!!!!!".  This went on into the wee hours of the night, with me nearly crying, telling her to shut up and to please go out on the couch. 

At one point I wanted to cry because I was so tired.  Here was this girl who I was not even really friends with, and who I barely knew, whining like a stray animal "Waaaaake UPPPPPP..... I'm BOOOOOOOOOOOOOORED..... GET UP!!!!!!!".  Meanwhile, this was, oh, 4am!!!!

I should have given her cab money right then and there, but like I said, as a broke univeristy student, I couldn't afford to pay my rent half of the time even.  Looking back at it now, I suppose I could have driven her outside of the apartment to walk home, but that would have been cruel considering the rape crimes that go on in that town.   

I basically spent the night sitting up on my bed, nodding off, with nothing but her occasional pleas of "I'm booooooored".  Its not like I was even conversing with her.  I wonder now if she was actually mentally ill or something. 

Finally around 7 or 8am, after being kept up ALL night... I got her to call ANYBODY who could pick her up... and I think a relative or someone came to get her.  It was almost like she was a neglected child... well, if you could call an 18 year old a child. 

I then went back to bed, and finally fell asleep.  That group of friends were NEVER invited back to my home again.  I'll never forget though, how a near stranger kept me up all night whining "I'm SOOoOoOooooOOOooooo bored!!!!"

Maybe I'm just silly for even remembering something from so long ago, but then again, my mother taught me that when you are a guest in someone's home, you follow their lead - that includes going to sleep when they do. 

....One of the many reasons why, with the exception of my parents and my future in laws, I refuse to have houseguests, or stay with other people...
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Re: The WORST houseguest?
« Reply #14 on: April 04, 2007, 02:55:01 AM »
My brother, whom I adore, his wife and kids spent a little over a week with us.

My SIL drove me nuts.

Now, the whole family has quite a few food restrictions put together, so cooking for them is by no means easy. I'd been preparing, planning and fretting for almost a week before they came and had the feeling I had found quite a good solution.

The first evening I got out the bread without yeast/white flour/sugar for her, the eggless rolls for my nephew and the milkfree things for my brother. SIL looked at me aghast and asked why I didn't have any lactose-free yoghurt (really hard to find where I live), butter milk for niece or organic milk for nephew. My brother told her I probably didn't have all that much space in my little fridge and reminded her that they hadn't mentioned those things to me when asked about preferences. (There was plenty for all to eat, just not necessarily the stuff they have at home. The kids seemed happy and ate a lot).

The second day she wanted to go grocery shopping. Got the things she thought were missing (exept for the yoghurt that she finally believed was hard to find) and did not once offer to pay. (when we got back my brother asked what things had cost and gave me money to cover it)
While shopping, I asked her what the kids might like to eat. Her answer was: "I always wanted to try fresh asparagus, lets get that".
The kids didn't like it.
My brother helped me around the kitchen as he knew I wasn't used to cooking for 6 people all the time. He also came up with fast and easy things the kids enjoy and we could all eat on the other evenings, without having to make three or four different meals.

By the end of the week the appartment didn't look all that tidy anymore. We'd given them our bedroom and were crashing in the livingroom ourselves, which was a little cluttered due to that. I'd been showing them around all week. As we got home from another day full of sights, museums and other places where I'd acted as a tour guide (she wanted to trace the route we walked on her map so I had to keep showing her the exact streets) and interpreter, she followed me into the kitchen and watched me bake an eggless cake and cook (my brother was out with the kids) another dinner, all of a sudden she asked me:
"So, what are you gonna do when you have a baby?"
Me: "Why? What do you mean?"
SIL: "Well, look at the floor! There's flour all-over and it really should be cleaned!"
Kids and my brother came in that instant, and my brother must've seen the look on my face and heard his wife's comment.
He came to me and said: "Well, sis isn't pregnant yet - and I'd think when she has a little one she'll sweep the floors more often, if she thinks that's necessary, and she won't have guests over for a week!"

They were no guests from hell, just quite tiring. I'll invite them over again. Just not right now  ;D