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Author Topic: How important are birthdays?  (Read 2602 times)

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Re: How important are birthdays?
« Reply #60 on: March 10, 2015, 01:20:35 PM »
On New Year's Day I take my piece of paper I have with all of my nieces and nephews b-days written on it (and the year they were born because I can never remember how old they are) and input that into my calendar.  Birthdays are a big deal to kids and I never want to be late or forget a kid's birthday.
In The Netherlands a birthday calendar is very popular. This is a calendar with only the dates, not the day of the week, so you can use it for several years in a row. On it you write people's birthdays, wedding days, etc, with the year so it is easy to remember these dates.

ALso, most people hang it in the bathroom, so everytime you sit down, you look at a list of birthdays to remember and also sometimes there is a pen there so guests can add themselves.

What a great idea!
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Re: How important are birthdays?
« Reply #61 on: March 10, 2015, 01:34:09 PM »
Every year I write all the birthdays on my new calendar. On dh's side, there's a huge clump in May/June. One SIL had her own bday month in March and after a few years of noticing that most of the family forgot her bday, I now not only text her bday wishes on the day, but text a quick reminder to other family members. I really think it's important to be remembered and wished a happy day because of my own childhood birthdays that were left by the wayside.


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Re: How important are birthdays?
« Reply #62 on: April 13, 2015, 12:54:29 AM »
I know this thread is a month old, but I had to respond because this really resonates with me too.

Like LadyBatman, my birthdays as a kid were pretty non existent too.  I never ever had a birthday party as a child, birthdays were always treated as just another day, no big deal at all. They did get me a present.  My mother is the only one who calls me on my birthday, not my father or my two brothers.  My husbands family acknowledges it more!

When I turned 40, a friend of mine and my husband whom we used to work with back in the day, invited us over to his house on my actual birthday.  He and his wife surprised me with a homemade birthday card from their daughter, balloons,  and a cake.  I was overwhelmed and so incredibly touched that they would go out of their way for me like that.  It is something I will never forget.  Likewise,  we went to a birthday party the following day  for another friends child who's birthday is two days before mine.  They also surprised me with a separate cake, and sang happy birthday to me.  Again, I was speechless. 

My husband and I did host our immediate families at a restaurant,  the following week.  That remains the only actual party including my parents that I've ever had.

Both of my boys have had a family and friends party every year.  But, starting last year at age 10, my older son instead of the family and friends party, he gets to choose 3 or 4 friends and we take them out.  This year he chose Gameworks, and lunch at TGI Friday's.   Lasy year was glow in the dark mini golf.  We told my younger son that when he turns 10, he can do the same thing.   He turns 8 this summer, so two more years of the family and friends parties.


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Re: How important are birthdays?
« Reply #63 on: April 13, 2015, 02:09:43 AM »
My mother always made a big deal about birthdays. We got to choose the menu for the family dinner and tell our mother what kind of cake we wanted. I remember the best year was when I was 11; my mother brought home my baby sister on my birthday! And she still made me a cake!

Growing up, none of us shared our birthdays with anyone else. I got a birthday celebration of my own just days after my sister's birthday celebration. And the two siblings whose birthdays are two days apart each got their own celebrations! (Funny thing about the birthday dinners: My youngest sister and I always chose the same meal and the same cake. So we had the same meal twice in the same week! Our brothers never complained, but it drove our other sister crazy!)

So, when I had my own children, I made sure to have their celebrations separate even though they were also only days apart. (Did a friend party for DS for his 5Th birthday and had to tell the other mothers that they couldn't all leave because I had just had a baby and was nursing. Evidently, the fifth birthday is the one that moms leave their children at. The mothers were all part of a cooperative nursery school and we were all close, so no problems with telling them. Later, another mother told me that she was glad I reminded them because I was so efficient, that they had "forgotten" I just had a baby! I wasn't so much efficient as worried that I wouldn't be able to pull off a party so soon after giving birth, so I had done most of the planning, shopping etc. while still pregnant.)