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  • June 25, 2016, 12:30:23 AM

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Which of these would you choose for your ideal space?

Studio apartment - 300-450 sq ft or 25-45m sq
Tiny house - 500 sq ft or 46m sq
Standard apartment <1000 sq ft or 93m sq
Large apartment/townhouse/condo/small house <1500 sq ft or 140m sq
Standard home >1500 sq ft or 140m sq

Author Topic: Living Space: What is the smallest space you would want to live in?  (Read 1153 times)

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I tend to agree.  As I said upthread, my house is 850 sq ft, and it's fine for just me, but when my houseguest was here it was a tad tight for my tastes. 

I use the second bedroom as an office, since I work from home.  I am planning to upgrade within the next 5 years, hopefully and would like 3 BR, mainly because I'd like to have a separate, extra BR from my office. 

When my houseguest was here, I moved my desk into my BR and worked out of there. That sucked. 


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I'm obligated to vote "Standard home >1500 sqft" as we're in the process of renovating to better use the upstairs area and increase our usable square footage.

Before I was married, I lived in a small one-bedroom apartment alone, rented rooms in apartments and houses with roommates, and rented a large-ish 2/1 townhouse for just myself. The most minimalist lifestyle I had was when I lived for a year in rented rooms where all I had was the stuff that would fit inside my Civic coupe, but I still had shared living and kitchen space so I wasn't 'trapped' in the rooms.

Both my parents and my in-laws said they would significantly downsize after they retired (kids long out of the house) - smaller houses, less stuff.  Neither were able to.   ;D  When my parents visited last week my dad was still lamenting how much space "my" stuff took up in their storage.  I left home 20 years ago - the stuff they refer to as "mine" is stuff my mom has been saving for sentimental reasons (hers, not mine) and delivering bits of, one forgotten t-shirt or coffee mug at a time, on every visit.


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It would depend.

When I was single with no pets my favorite apartment was just over 500 square feet. It would have been perfect I'd there ad been washer / drier hook ups bit we had a decent laudery space

When i got married we had a 750 square foot duplex (laudery off kitchen!). It was ok except only 1 bathroom - if there aphid been a double vanity it would have np even helpful. But since I was leaving for work as hubby got up, it worked. Again, no pets

Our first house was 1700 square feet. Even after Boo was born and we got the Yorkie it felt plenty spacious. The guest room was a tight fit, but it kept people from staying too long!  We entertained quite a bit and even after looking around the area at bigger houses decided we'd upgrade so some aspects of that house and stay

Till hubby got transferred to another city. We went into 2400 square feet and got another dog (Lab). I liked the upstairs loft area for our son to play in since his room was small, but I rarely went up there except to tuck him in!  Hubby liked that room though, the big tv was there.  It was great for entertaining the whole family at holidays though and we got to have everyone stay with us twice.

Now we're in a 1200 square foot apartment with three people (DS is now 11) and two dogs. It's driving us crazy. Feels like there is now privacy.  We have no yard so have to walk both dogs multiple times a day and it's upstairs. I think I could handle the shade footages better if we: 1) had a yard for the dogs 2) it was a house not apartment 3) we had done a better job at purging stuff before we moved / had been able to put more stuff in storage. I feel like a hoarder now, still packed boxes filling closes and under tables. Doesn't feel like we have any privacy.

We are moving into a rent house this weekend (lease is up).  its 2700 square feet and has an unfinished basement. I'm purging as we pack now cause I want lots of open space!  It's more than what we need, but there isn't very much to choose from out here right now.  So we won't have to store anything, dogs will have a yard and DS can't wait to rollerblade and stick practice in the basement. Plus we'll have room to organize and store all the outdoor gear so it's easily accessible. I find larger spaces are easier for me to clean as well. (as long as we don't fill it up)

So, to answer the original question, with my family I need about 1700-2000 square feet so everyone has persona space. Alone, I'm good with about 500.


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I assume money isn't the deciding factor?    If so, I think about 3500 sq. ft.  would be ideal .   For a family of 3.   


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I live in a one bedroom (I think it's 650 Sq ft). Moved here a year ago from another country with a few suitcases,  very little "stuff",  no furniture.  I live alone,  no pets (will not ever have pets in a small apartment). Up till a year ago I was living with ds in a small two bedroom/one bathroom  (~700 sqft). I actually like this amount,t of space.  I would love to have a small patio or balcony,  as long as someone else is responsible for gardening,  and I wouldn't mind having w/d in my unit instead of shared facilities downstairs.  All in all,  it's not terrible for a rental,  it's what they call "garden apartments", lots of green,  lots of open spaces.

When I will be in position to buy,  I would like one more bedroom and possibly another bathroom,  and a balcony. But I like the fact that it's small.  I don't have a lit of stuff and I clean the house very quickly.

In a perfect world,  if I  had the money,  I would love a beachfront house with a huge deck overlooking the ocean,  a staff to keep everything neat,  and still would be fine with two bedrooms

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