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Not Going To Happen 'Cause I'm Not Harry Potter (Impossible Patron Requests)

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--- Quote from: Onyx_TKD on April 28, 2013, 01:25:29 AM ---
--- Quote from: Yarnspinner on April 27, 2013, 10:53:08 PM ---Oh, heck, might as well add in one that happened some years ago when I was still the children's librarian at our "Worst Neighborhood Branch Ever". 

One woman usually arrived with her two kids promptly at two every wednesday.  But it was still first come, first served.

Uh, we can't do that as there are twenty kits and therefore twenty kids get to do crafts.

Of course she was back next week with her kids and expected us to cough up kits for their cousins who were coming to visit that weekend or some such story....

--- End quote ---

OK, I get that this woman was an annoying SS. But if the craft hour was first come, first serve, then what was the problem with her kids consistently showing up early enough to participate?  ??? Why were her kids considered to be unfairly "snapping up" craft kits (to the point that you wanted to put a stop to it) when they showed up on time so that they'd be sure to get a spot? Isn't that exactly how first come, first serve is supposed to work? I'm not sure what the problem with the cousins was, either. If the craft hour was only supposed to be for kids who had library cards at that library (for example), then the cousins should have been turned away. However, if the craft hour was for any kids on a first come, first serve basis, then why was it a problem?

--- End quote ---

You're right.  It was first come,first served.   What I didn't write was what made it so irritating that she was there on time....as soon as it was announced that we would be doing crafts, she would hustle her kids ahead of others who had gotten there earlier and make sure her kids (sometimes two of them, sometimes a lot more of them) got in ahead of everyone else.  I kept begging my boss to make them line up before the program began so the kids who had gotten there early would have a chance.  But our snowflake was "important" in that community and my boss didn't want to cross her.  Sorry about the omission.  I have to pay attention when I am typing!

I had a customer who called into the queue where people make reports of trouble with internet access.  We only handle trouble related issues and take down detail then send tickets to technicians.  He was demanding help with the billing portion of his business' internet access and the area that allows him to pay the bills but that department is not open weekends nor am I trained to help him with his concern.  He was not help that I could not help nor could transfer him then he threatened to cancel but he hung up before I said I cannot help you with that request either.

Miss Rose, I don't think it is out of line or even falls into this subject that a customer called because he's trying to pay his bill and having technical difficulty doing so. And being told that you can't help him, that you can't transfer him and there's nothing else you can do must have been incredibly frustrating.  Cancelling might be a bit of knee-jerk response but not the worst.

asb8, but he was calling the wrong person all together. MissRose only deals with technical difficulties. Her taking a message for billing would not be appropriate. He needed to wait til the billing office was open.

Lady Snowdon:
I ran into a guy at work last week who apparently believes that computers confer magical powers upon one.  I work at an insurance company, doing disability claims.  As such, I don't have access to any information except what is relevant to disability.  The "gentleman" I was talking to did not believe me in the slightest.  He called in, I answered a few questions for him and then said, at what I thought would be the end of the call, "Is there anything else I can help you with?".  He said, "yeah, I need help getting some orthotics.  Supposedly it's covered by my insurance.  What do I need to do?".  Since his disability was not related to his feet in any way, I didn't have any information on if it was covered, or who he would need to contact about that, and told him so.  "Wait!" he says, in total disbelief, "You don't have access?  Isn't this *MyCompany*?"  "Yes, it is, and I work in disability, so I would need to transfer you to...".  He cut me off and continued, "And you are sitting at a computer, right?  Just look it up and tell me, for Deity's sake!". 

I must have explained to him seven different times that I had no access to the information he was looking for.  Not that I don't want to access it, but that I can't access it, and would he like me to transfer him to the people who have more information on this sort of thing.  No, he didn't want to be transferred, he wanted me to look it up, and obviously I could look it up since I had a computer sitting in front of me.  He got really snotty with me, and very unhappy that I had a computer, but couldn't do what he wanted.  At the end of the call, I said thank you for calling.  He nastily said, "Aren't you going to ask me if there's anything else that you can help me with?".   >:(  So I said, "is there anything else regarding your disability claim that I can help you with, sir?"  He hung up on me. 

So yeah, apparently just the act of having a computer at work gives me access to all sorts of privileged and private information.  Who knew?  ::)


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