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Not Going To Happen 'Cause I'm Not Harry Potter (Impossible Patron Requests)

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I've pretended to be my mom and my sister for various phone calls. They were at work, I wasn't, and they needed the information and couldn't make the call. So I called, introduced myself as MomsName Lastname. I didn't even have to verify anything else to get banking details from the account. I soon convinced mom and sis to leave that bank.

I have a frustratingly high voice, so that even when I deepen it a bit intentionally, I can't pass for a guy.  This is really annoying, because most of our bills/utilities must be in my husband's name (he's military and has certain protections in terms of ending contracts early if he has to PCS, but I don't have all of the same protections), and since I'm the one who pays the bills and changes addresses on things every time we move, sometimes I need them to deal with me.  Very, very annoying.

Can he add you to the accounts as someone able to take care of things for him?


--- Quote from: jedikaiti on September 05, 2013, 04:51:13 PM ---Can he add you to the accounts as someone able to take care of things for him?

--- End quote ---

Spouse of retired military who used to be the one who moved with the kids - usually three weeks to a couple of months behind VorGuy - he had a reporting date when he had to start work and we stayed put until after school was out (or he'd found a place for us to live - whatever was the reason that time).

You can add the spouse or the military member can get them a power of attorney (POA) from the base (post) legal office with a signature, date, and the power to sign anything "as if it were the legally the military member" - which came in handy a few times when the danged utility office claimed to have mislaid/misfiled the letters ending our contracts early due to the military moving us. 

I'd hand write a replacement letter on the back of a printed copy of the relocation orders, staple a copy of the POA to it, and hand it to them - referencing the earlier notification which "appeared to have been misdirected" - so we were still cutting the contract short and they still didn't get any extra money out of us.  They just put themselves on a short list of service suppliers that we preferred not to deal with, if we could avoid it (mostly certain cell phone companies - power & water are a little harder to find alternative suppliers for in some areas). 

Although there is one cell phone company and one cable tv & internet company that we might not choose to move to an area (now that we are retired) if they are the only alternatives....

I once needed some info about an account in DW's name. The CS rep wouldn't talk to me, so I had teenage DD call and say her name was DW's name.  8)


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