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Not Going To Happen 'Cause I'm Not Harry Potter (Impossible Patron Requests)

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We had a customer like that the other day. He wanted a video of something he had seen on YouTube but had never been released as a commercial DVD/VHS. He kept insisting that since it was on YouTube, there HAD to be a video of it. I tried to convince him that it had been an amateur who filmed it with a video camera and uploaded it- took a while to do so. He was getting VERY close to me- I almost had an anxiety attack due to the proximity and to his persistence. But at least I got rid of him. My colleagues thought I handled it well- but I was about to have an anxiety attack.


--- Quote from: T'Mar of Vulcan on November 15, 2008, 11:45:24 PM ---To get back on topic...

We often get parents who are in denial about their children. Now, when a child cannot cope we have procedures to follow. The first time s/he doesn't do homework, warning. Second time, break detention. Third time, SMS to parent. Fourth time, phone call. Fifth time, meeting.

What happens is, usually the child hasn't done homework in ANY subject and so the parent has gotten about six SMSes. We track these via computer and know if the SMS was received; we print out all the SMSes on a monthly basis. Then we try calling. You'd be amazed at how many parents, when they see the school's number, do not answer. Or worse, they LIE on their forms about their numbers, and we've been sending SMSes to strangers! If we eventually get hold of the parent and manage to get the parent to the school, parent will usually promise the moon. "I will check Johnny's homework every day and make sure he does it!" And nothing changes.

--- End quote ---

Slightly off-topic but . . .

I was once talking with a teacher from a school system in another state.  Not only will some of the parents not pick up if the school calls, they have actually blocked the school's number.  Blocked as in, if little Susie has been in a terrible accident there is no way to call her parents.  The teacher said that if she needs to call home (i.e., school closing), she has to go across the street to the University and call from that number.

Bonus: Now I can get updates to what I'm sure will be a very entertaining thread.  ;D

I work at a hotel, and none of the guests rooms are in the main building. This hasn't stopped people from arguing with me that they were guaranteed a room in the main building.  So...going to sleep in the Bar and Grill then, are we?

I LOVE this thread already! Okay, old story first:

I worked at a steakhouse while I was an undergrad. The customers there were priceless. My favorite:

Priceless Customer: I'd like the smoked prime rib.
Me: Okay, we have this available in rare and medium rare.
PC: Okay, I'd like mine well done.
Me: I'm sorry, ma'am, it's only available in rare and medium rare.
PC: Oh, that's much too red for me, I'll take mine well done.
Me: Ma'am, I truly apologize, but the smoked prime rib is... smoked. It takes all day to cook and, because it is smoked, we can only offer it in the temperatures available when ordered.
PC: Well can't you just cook it longer?
Me: Unfortunately there's no way to speed up a smoked process. Prime rib is not like other steaks-
PC: I've HAD prime rib before.
Me: Okay, well, can I interest you in rare or medium rare?
PC: No. I want it well done. Can't you just throw it on the grill? (head=table top)


--- Quote from: Yarnspinner on November 15, 2008, 10:38:58 PM ---Me: I'm sorry, Toodie, it's not available.
Her: Oh, I don't care if it's on VHS or DVD.
Me: You don't understand.  It has never been released for DVD or VHS.
Her: So you don't have it.
Me: Nobody has it.  Anywhere.
Her: What about the rest of the state?  Maybe another library in the state has it.
Me: No one has it.  It has never been released on DVD.
Her: So where can I get it?
Me: You can't.  It doesn't exist.
Her: But my friend really wants to see it.
Me: She'll have to wait for it to be shown on AMC and tape it.  It simply doesn't exist.
Her: Well, who can I get it from?
Me: Toodie, you can't get it.  It's that simple.  It doesn't exist.  You can petition the company that produced the film, but it doesn't exist as a recording and I can't get it for you.
Her: What if you buy it from amazon?
Me: Toodie, that's where I looked.  According to IMDB--and Amazon--the film has never been put on tape or disc.  It simply doesn't exist.
Her: So I can't watch it, then?
Me (foolishly thinking we are near the end of our conversation): No.
Her: But maybe you could get a copy from out of state?

--- End quote ---

My reply at this point would be:  Can you bring me a unicorn?  Not a statue, but a living unicorn?
Her: No that's ridiculous.
Me: Why not?
Her: They don't exist...everyone knows that.
Me: Well that's exactly why I can't get you that movie. >:D


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