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Uh.. ya, don't do that....

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What thing have you done thinking it would be a great idea, but actually turned out to be really dumb?

Today I colored my hair.  I've done this many times before with no problems.  I rinse in the sink using that little hose thing and the clean up is very minimal.   I just wipe down the counters.

Well, this time I thought that rinsing my hair while in the shower would be a fabulous idea!  Ya!  I'll just take a shower and rinse it all!  No holding my head upside down in the sink, no water going up my nose, I don't have to wipe off the counters!

uh.. ya, don't do that.

It looked like I slaughtered someone in there.  I had red dye on the walls.  On the shower curtain.  On the ceiling!  I had to clean up far more than I would have had I just done it the normal way. 

On the good side, my hair turned out the pretty red I was going for!

Black Delphinium:
Look on the bright side, you got to feel like Janet Leigh for a little bit, and isn't that glamorous?



Ok, just snorted diet Pepsi on this one!   :P

Sad thing is, I've done that before, but with brown hair dye.  Not sure which is worse... having walls that look like blood or like another body function (use your imagination!). 

Either way, ICK!  Heckuva way to learn your lesson, isn't it?   :D

I dye my hair bright or dark (depending on the season) red every 3-4 weeks and I always rinse by taking a shower. If you're conscientious about not flipping your head around, you can actually do this with little to no splatter at all. It's made dying my hair worlds easier for me. :)


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