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Uh.. ya, don't do that....

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--- Quote from: Midnight Kitty on January 09, 2013, 02:38:42 PM ---
--- Quote from: Seraphia on January 09, 2013, 02:03:16 PM ---So, he was immensely proud that, when the church found a new secretary several months later, one of the plants was still green. Until the day he went to water the one remaining plant, he nudged it, and a half gallon of water spilled out of the bottom of the potted fake tree.
--- End quote ---
Were any of the other plants still green/alive?

--- End quote ---

Nope. He had three or four pots of kindling and one lovely, vibrant ficus.

One from last night:
When you know your tub is not draining properly, you might want to check out the problem BEFORE using the shower to rinse out the hair color you just applied, or else you'll be standing in ankle-deep dark reddish-brown water. I'm lucky my feet aren't dark brown, and that the tub isn't stained. (And since I was unable to clear the clog myself, maintenance for the apartment complex has been contacted!)


--- Quote from: Amava on December 30, 2012, 02:50:03 PM ---Here where I live you are allowed to drink from 16 years old and up, and we often have high-school students and young university students partying in the streets in the middle of the winter night in very flimsy clothes. Bare midriff, deep cleavage, the works. Sooo not healthy...  :(

--- End quote ---

Reminds me of a fashion statement I saw a couple of years ago.

If you live in Canada, and are travelling in January in subzero temperatures, do not wear a midriff-baring sweater, under a midriff-baring parka.

In fact, don't even manufacture midriff-bearing parkas. It indicates that you have no idea, as a clothing designer, what the point of a parka actually is.

White Dragon:
Mr. Dragon was at an evening meeting, leaving just DragonSon and I home for supper.
Son and I agreed that we would each fix our own meal.

I decided to eat some of the foods that Mr. Dragon doesn't care for and indulge myself a bit.
Not a good idea.

Opened up a jar of pickled garlic and nibbled away while watching the television.
Only to realize I'd consumed the entire jar.  :o

Mr. Dragon was...not impressed...by his garlic-infused spouse.  :P
Apparently I ate about 3 vampire's worth because he slept on the couch and wouldn't kiss me for a day.  ::)

(At work I ate a lot of mints and avoided being near anybody. Oops!)

When you're making ginger syrup and it's happily boiling away, resisting the urge to lick the spoon can be a good idea... I'm surprised I didn't burn myself, and that I still have some syrup left from all the spoon licking I did.


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