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Uh.. ya, don't do that....

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Layla Miller:
I had a glass of chocolate milk with lunch today.  This was not the problem.  I ate my lunch in the living room so that I could keep an eye on my 7-month-old DD while she played on the floor.  Also not the problem.  The problem came when I took a drink of the chocolate milk, and then set it back on the end table next to me on the couch.

Well, I set it halfway on the end table.  Turns out the glass prefers to have its whole self on the table, or else it unends itself onto the couch in protest.

I now sit with a change of pants, a scrubbed-down couch, and two pillows in the washing machine downstairs.  But no chocolate milk.

You know, I'm pretty sure my mother told me not to drink chocolate milk in the living room for exactly this reason.  I don't think I'll tell her about this.  ;D

My husband has learned before that eating cereal during one's commute is not a wise choice. That lesson was reinforced today.

Also, check the lid on one's coffee cup, before holding it precariously in one hand or one's clothing will be decorated with hot coffee. Yep, that one too.

Don't try to make your convention costume out of metal pieces/JB Weld, when you know very well you're allergic to metal.  The resulting welts will be unsightly and the costume assembly process will be a waste of money (well, sort of - some parts of it worked out okay.)

White Dragon:
When walking down a set of concrete stairs, don't miss the step and tumble ankle-over-teakettle down several steps.

I am now limping with a massive bruise on my thigh and assorted scrapes, bumps and bangs.

So sorry, white dragon. I have done that too many times.  :(


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