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Uh.. ya, don't do that....

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Rats aren't strictly nocturnal. They tend to be awake in the morning and in the evening. But they are very smart and will quickly learn to be awake when the pepple are awake because that's when the food comes!

rats look too much like mice, and Aunty feeds mice to her snake. We can't even look at the mice at the zoo for too long before circle-of-life discussions begin.

DS is 4.5 and not getting a pet of his own anytime soon. Though he is pretty responsible with the family dog. He's in charge of feeding/watering, and about half the time he does it without being reminded. I still know that about 85% of the work would fall to me, and I'm not up for it

After my college roommate snuck two hamsters into our dorm room I learned the mantra that, "Hamsters live to escape."

Luckily her boyfriend who had an apartment took them after we'd had to hunt for them too many times in the dorm. And one had poo'ed in my winter gloves.  ::)

Our hamster is in a glass aquarium with lots of toys and things for her to tunnel through. No escaping.

Don't "forget" your smart phone is in your pocket when you head for the loo. DS is very sad, but his kind and wonderful mother is letting him use her old phone in the meantime.

Mental Magpie:
On days when the wind is 30mph+ in a place where there is a bunch of loose dirt and sand, do not, DO NOT put on Chapstick immediately before walking outside.


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