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Uh.. ya, don't do that....

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Outdoor Girl:

--- Quote from: geordicat on November 16, 2008, 07:06:56 PM ---It looked like I slaughtered someone in there.  I had red dye on the walls.  On the shower curtain.  On the ceiling!  I had to clean up far more than I would have had I just done it the normal way. 

--- End quote ---

You could always hope that Will Peterson, Gary Sinese or David Caruso would show up to investigate!

I cooked beets the other day.  My kitchen looked like a crime scene.  I was looking over my shoulder for Gil or Mac to show up.

I did this a few weeks ago, with "soft black" dye.  It looked like mildew.  :P


--- Quote from: Lil Bunny on November 17, 2008, 10:29:58 AM ---I dye my hair a very vibrant raspberry red.  It looks like a massive head wound when I put it on (and if it stains my head).  Our shower puts Psycho to shame.  *giggles* And I get the joy of having a slight pink hue for a day or so. 

--- End quote ---

WHere do you get your color?  If I use the grocery store stuff, I can't quite get the shade I want, but it lasts longer than the beauty salon stuff I do at home.

Right now I have a nice deep red bordering on goth red.

That's how I rinse my hair, and I don't have that problem. Can you adjust it to not be so close to your head?

I decided to mix the batter for a cake with a hand mixer instead of the giant Kitchenaid mixer (that has a cover). The recipe called for lots of powdered sugar.

In just a couple of seconds there was powdered sugar everywhere. My kitchen looked like I'd been dealing cocaine out of it.


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