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Co-worker stood up for himself!

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I work in a small office with mostly women. I generally work from home, but am in the office one or two days a week. We have one lady who is the office busybody, absolutely has to know everything and if she doesn't she'll make something up. One of the men in the office has been married a few years and the topic of children has come up occasionally. This guy is a bit clueless socially and gave a little tmi about their TTC process. The next time his wife called in, Ms Busybody asked her about it. The wife was understandably not very happy.

Today, male co-worker was leaving early to go to a drs. appt. MsBusyBody asked if this was an appt about making babies. He looked her in the eye and said " I don't see how thats any of your business" It left MsBusyBody stumbling over her words! I am guessing the wife gave him that response for the next time the subject came up and he executed it perfectly!

Huh, wonder if she's an e-hellion?


Nice! Three cheers for co-worker. Maybe it will spread.

A little update if you will. He came back grinning from ear to ear, turns out it was that kind of appointment and they are expecting! :)

Aw, that's wonderful!


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