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Guess who's coming to criticise dinner?

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DF has invited his family over for dinner as a bit of "family time" before our wedding at the end of this month.

I love his family, however, I don't love his sister's boyfriend.

DF's family are a clan of extremely polite yet picky eaters. They are the masters of making food look eaten when it isn't. We, in return, do everything in our power to ensure that the food we provide does not involve pasta (FFIL hates it), excessive spice (FMIL can't stomach it - we just have lots of pepper and such on the table), vegetables that aren't separate (DF himself - won't touch most veg) and so forth.

The food isn't really my problem, anyway, as DF will be doing most of the cooking.

However, Sister's Boyfriend (who I will refer to as Git) is not only picky but utterly ungracious and ungrateful. If he doesn't like the food, he will refuse to touch it. Any of it. I've seen him sit in a restaurant, arms folded and pouting with rumbling stomach, refusing to eat just because he wanted to go somewhere else, even though his favourite dish was on the menu. Basically, Git is quite capable of throwing a hissy fit and ruining the meal if he's not in the mood for something we offer.

Since uninviting isn't an option, does anyone have any tips for playing the gracious hostess without banging him over the head with a pan?

I'd probably make something you know he likes, but if he sits there like a bump on a log and doesn't eat it's not your problem.

I'm all for accommodating guests likes/dislikes, but this guy sounds like he doesn't like anything, or just likes to be difficult on purpose.

Harriet Jones:
I like the pan option.  Do you have a cast iron skillet?  ;)

You can try to have something on the menu that he likes, but it sounds like there's no guarantee that he'll actuallly behave.  I'd suggest ignoring him as much as you can without being rude -- I'm sure he thrives on attention.


--- Quote from: faussonl on April 03, 2007, 07:31:24 AM ---I like the pan option.  Do you have a cast iron skillet?  ;)

--- End quote ---

I do, actually  ;D

I'm fully expecting him not to behave. The last time we met socially he was in a major strop because DF's brother had gone out and bought him some shelves from IKEA and he had decided they weren't the right ones. They were the ones he had asked for, just from a different branch, but he decided they were wrong and ordered DF's brother to take them back because he didn't want them.

He's a git, basically.

I would treat him like a child having a hissy fit. Tell him that his behaviour is innappropriate and when he is ready to act like a grown up you will talk. Polite? No. But I would have no patience for a grown man who acts like that.


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