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Help this poor customer!


I was out shopping in the mall and saw this snowglobe:


I decided later to go back and buy it for my sister.  I was surprised to see it was marked down to $10.

Today, I ventured out to Wal-Mart to get bubble wrap to mail it, but they didn't have the right kind.  That little lightbulb went off in my head and I thought if I ordered it from the website, it would be cheaper to pay shipping than to buy the materials and pay UPS. (Not to mention my potentially inept packaging of a fragile object)  I could  give the original one to my mom, who also would love it.

So I went home and tried to order it online.  This is completely new to me and I couldn't figure out how to have it shipped anywhere buy my home.  I called the store and a very nice girl gave me the toll free number.

When I called the number, the CSR was soooo nice.  She asked questions and I answered them.  I was so stressed, but she was calm.  My only problem was I couldn't remember my sister's phone number, but she said mine would suffice.

Problem solved.


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