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I want to give a vegetarian cookbook as a gift.  I have one or two, and I think they have some nice recipes, but they are *BORING* as books. 

Does anyone have a suggestion/suggestions for some vegetarian cookbooks that are also visually appealing, interesting books?

I definitely am not looking for niche vegetarian -- not Asian Fusion Vegetarian Cooking or The Ultimate Gluten Free Vegetarian, just a good broad cookbook.

The Essential Vegetarian Cookbook might be worth a look:

Here are just a few of the books in my veg cookbook library:

Olive Trees and Honey: A Treasury of Vegetarian Recipes from Jewish Communities Around the World (HC) Gil Marks
I just got this book for Passover recipes and loved it.  The stories behind the dishes are awesome.  My dishes for Passover were a hit with the meat eaters too.  Good reading plus good recipes.
ETA:  This is a very broad book despite it being jewish cuisine.

Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook (HC)
I just got this book for my birthday.  I haven't made anything from this book yet, but it has great informational parts to the book that I do use and I'm looking forward to making recipes.  I love looking at it.

The Vegetarian Family Cookbook (Paperback) Nava Atlas
This book is good for basics.  A popular on the veg blog circuit.  You can get an idea of her recipes from her site.

I'm tempted to put on my favorite vegan cookbooks, but you specifically asked for non-niche books.  They would fall under non-niche that no matter how broad the dishes.

Also, many of the Moosewood cookbooks are pretty broad and fun books though many of the books are more flextarian (i.e., almost vegetarian)

Thanks for the suggestions -- I think I'll get that Vegetarian Family Cookbook.  It's for my niece's birthday.  She's been vegetarian for some time, but she's getting married soon and will be going from putting together a quick dish for herself to cooking for a family.  That's why I wanted a broader cookbook -- she is not a novice vegetarian, more of a novice cook.

I'm open to more ideas...I probably should have given more information to start with!


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