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I'm talking about the dried, shredded stuff.

I'm just trying to get a sense of how many people do/don't like coconut.  I was thinking of doing a dessert that calls for it, but I have always been squeamish about serving guests coconut.  I have some sort of perception that it is one of those things, like fish, that is generally not served unless you *know* people like it.  I'm wondering if that is really the case.

Do you eat it?

I agree coconut's a tricky one. You love it, you hate it or you're allergic to it. There's no middle ground.

A favorite part of Easter dinner with my family has always been the lamb cake. It's a pound cake baked in a lamb-shaped tin, then frosted and covered with coconut flakes. Mom always leaves the butt-end coconut-free for those who don't like the stuff. It looks strange, but everybody's happy.

I have known people that hated the dried kind but will eat the fresh.  I'd say when baking or cooking with it, you have to know your audience.

Kind of funny....I was known as a picky eater when I was little, but I was the only kid that liked coconut......

Can't stand the stuff, dd can't stand it, BF loves it.

The *only* time I can eat the stuff is in my homemade pecan frosting for the german chocolate cake I make. Otherwise get it away from me!!  :P


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