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I love my grocery store


mumma to KMC:
Well it isn't MY grocery store, but I love the local grocery store.

Quick back ground, the grocery closest to my house is the run down store of a national chain of stores. There isn't a lot of selection and if you want something "fu-fu-y" such as Marscapone Cheese, you have to move on to another store. However, it is great for a quick in and out place and they have milk and ice cream same as every other store.

Yesterday I went to the store for a few WIC items. As stated in a previous thread, WIC items are split up on to different vouchers. One voucher might have milk, eggs, cereal, and juice another might have milk, eggs, cheese and juice. The ones I had left to use for the month yesterday were my son's infant cereal voucher, milk and juice only and a voucher for a single juice. I knew even though there were only a few items, I would be a while in line. I was also purchasing non-WIC items for that well important well rounded diet.

Alas, the point of my story and I do have one. The store normally has U-Scan open, Express and one "regular" lane open. I can't use the U-Scan with WIC, nor the Express lane, so I got in to the regular line. The line was pretty long and the 2 people in front of me all had carts over flowing with groceries. I didn't mind, my ds was behaving and we were playing games. (Even if he weren't being a good little guy, what could I do?) Well, about 3 minutes after getting in to line, the checkout manager came over to me and whispered that lane 5 was opening if I wanted to step over. Heck yeah would I. I looked at the person in front of  me and noticed about 1/3 of their items were already on the belt, so off I went. The people behind me tried to cut but the cashier said I was there first.

Great experience, just don't get me started on the bagger....

Clara Bow:
Very nice....and kudos to the cashier for having the backbone to not let someone cut in on you...

mumma to KMC:
And I forgot to mention, with my 3 bags of groceries, the cashier asked if I needed help to my car!


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