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If you haven't been able to access the forum from your computer...

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...assuming you haven't been banned.  But if you were, the forum software wold give you polite message that you were banned when you tried to access the forum. 

But for those people whose home computers cannot seem to access the domain or forum at all, try this test....

Below are instructions for testing whether your DNS has received the correct information for resolving the address of

Under Windows, press the Start button.

Select Run.

Type CMD and press enter.

At C:> prompt, type nslookup and press enter

The result should look something like:
Server:  dslrouter
Non-authoritative answer:

The numeric Address entry under the Name entry should read if your DNS server has received the update.

If you are not getting this, the DNS name change has not yet propagated to your name server and you might need to contact your provider to find out why this has not yet occurred. 

From Sparksals in another thread:

I have had the same problem for the last few days.  I had access from my home computer, then none, then got in and then shut out again.  This is the answer I got after some digging:

Go to start -> Run -> type cmd -> and then type ipconfig/flushdns

The information may not have left the DNS server at your ISP.  The above command will clear it out.  I didn't have to reboot either.  FWIW, I'm using Qwest, so I know Twik isn't since she's in CAnada, so it's not a single ISP issue.

Hope this helps for others!

Edited to add from Sparksals:

I finally solved the problem after being in tech chat with my ISP thinking that there was an IP problem.  It was so frustrating not figuring this out.  The tech guy had me reset my modem as temp files can be stored in there.  I didn't know that.  Anyway, that didn't work. 
I searched help forums for SMF and posted  a question.  They gave me a simple command
Go to start -> Run -> type cmd -> and then type ipconfig/flushdns . 
It worked!
He said most likely my ISP (Qwest) was holding onto the old page for some reason on their DNS server.

That seems to have done it.  Ran another DNS test and no errors came up this time so it looks like things are back to normal for the moment.

Edited:  Nevermind, same errors are coming back again.  Something is going on with that server and DNS propogation.

The latest news is that it appears to be a problem with the domain registrar and it's server which makes connecting to the domain for some people an on again, off again experience.  My own tech support guy could not access the entire domain yesterday when previously he could. 

All I can say is, we're working on it.   "Leave no man/woman behind" is the Ehell motto in this context! 

Well, the plot thickens.  I don't know if it was an across the board outage, but I had no problem getting access early last night, but later on, I got the dreaded page not displayed.  I cleared cookies, temp files and did the flushdns.  Didn't work.  *sigh*

Then, got up this AM and it worked. 


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