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It's not really a problem for me any more, but thought I might mention it in case it's useful.

While I was in Paris for the week I noticed that the site was down, giving a server not found message, but it would be accessible again around 1am or later in French time. I'm not sure when it would stop working, but it would be down again by the time I woke up. (about 9am)

The server is scheduled to do a back up of data some time around 3 am Eastern Standard Time and I've noticed it slows down during that time.  Otherwise, the server has been plugging away just fine. 

Hi Administration people,
I started a thread this morning because I (and I now realize, others) are having trouble getting on the site in the morning since the change over.   It's in the glitches folder if you want to take a look at it.   
Thank you!

Me too!


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