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What Are You Wearing....?

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Clara Bow:
You know, without the obscene phone caller wierdness, what are you guys wearing today?
I've got on my fuzzy green slippers, dark blue jeans, my black longsleeved t-shirt with the three white snowflakes (the only Christmas clothing I don't feel ridiculous wearing). My hair's still shower-wet (I have been positively disgraceful since school let out...I haven't showered before noon once) but when it dries a little I'll put it up in my black clip. I've got to go grocery shopping and the wind in the parking lot blows my hair in my face and gets on my nerves.

I'm wearing striped PJ pants and a rose colored top.  My hair is in total disarray.  I'm working at home so I didn't really care what I looked like up until a half an hour ago when my neighbor knocked on my door to return our puppy who had gotten out of the fence.   :-[

Jeans, brown long sleeved cotton shirt with a brown poncho-thing on top cuz I'm cold.  I dried my bangs & put my hair back, but didn't make much of an effort for work...

I'm wearing this dress:
over a black lace camisole, and topped with a rust orange cardigan.  I also have on black tights with knee high Frye Boots (these: http://www.thefryecompany.com/Product-Women-Boots-Campus-77915BAN.aspx) in the saddle color. 

Working from home today so I'm wearing cream colored yoga pants, and a blue NYFD sweatshirt. I have to get dressed up for DH's formal work party tonight, so I'm taking advantage of being comfortable right now.


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