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I've been listening to the New Testament as part of a book review.  Unfortunately, my bf's mother found out and she seems convinced I'm going to convert.  For one thing, she thinks it'll be more convenient for my BF if we're the same faith (though she hates it when I point out that he could equally well convert to Judaism).  For another, she thinks once I've read the NT, I'll certainly want to convert, it's that compelling.  I've tried telling her I've read it already, and the Koran, and the Scott Cunningham works on Wicca, and the Kojiki, and a variety of works on Buhddism, and several key books on Kemetism, and... well, you get the idea.  All of them are facinating, thought-provoking reads, but having given them all due consideration, I have to say that I'm fine with what I have. 

Ideas for a way to get across "this is not a point of negotiation" before the conversation turns nasty?  And yes, I've tried saying simply, "this is not a point of negotiation."

"I appreciate your eagerness to discuss such an important matter with me. However, I enjoy reading the texts of all different religions and drawing on their universal wisdom. All the same, I'm satisfied with my personal beliefs."

Some people are overzealous. She has your best interests at heart, she's just being pushy.

"My religion faith is a very personal and private journey for me. I would rather not discuss it. "

Is she one of those people who sort of likes to be in denial?  If so I would say something like "It's a very interesting read.  I'll let you know if I have any questions." Or something noncommittal like that.  If she likes to be in denial, let her think one more reading might convert you.

If that will give her too much of an invitation to involve herself, I just wouldn't engage her.  I'd act bewildered that she could imagine the topic was up for discussion.

I guess bean-dipping her would be the best solution. Trying to have a religious discussion with her about why you don't plan to convert would probably not end well, from what you've said.

EvilShea suggests carrying around the works of Anton LaVey, talk continously about how compelling they are and hint frequently at plans to convert to the Church of Satan.

EvilShea has been tackled and locked back in her lair. Sorry about that >:D.


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