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Very nice school bus driver - and my DS isn't even in school yet!


My DS is 2 years old. He LOVES big trucks and school busses. There is a bus that picks up kids on our street about the same time we are leaving for daycare each day. My DS always waves at the bus and the driver always honks her horn for him. He thinks that's the greatest thing ever.

Yesterday afternoon a little girl knocked on our door and my DH answered. She handed him a card and pointed to the school bus. The driver had the door open and said "you give that to your wife and cute little boy". So when I got home we opened it. It was a Christmas card and EVERY kid on "bus 86" had signed it! It really made my day - I almost cried at how sweet that was. So we got a card and my DS "signed it". This morning I flagged down the bus driver and handed her the card and a big bag of candy canes. I told her that the card really made my day and it was the first bit of Christmas spirit that I had received. I think it really pleased her to know how appreciative we were.

I just think it's really cool that she honks at DS and that she went out of her way to give us a card. I'm wondering if I should call the school bus office to commend them on their driver? I don't want to get her in trouble or anything.

Clara Bow:
Call and commend her, she was sweet beyond words.
The school bus driver who picks up on the street where my little boy's sitter lives honks for the kids at the sitter's house every morning, and they run to the door and window to see Mr Ben go by. He's an angel....

That's wonderful!!!  Thanks for sharing -- it did my heart good!   :)


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