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gift ideas....HELP!


Ehellions...I desperately need your advice.  I was invited to my boyfriends family Christmas party and I want to bring gifts for his parents whom I really really like and respect.  The problem is....what do I get them?  I've been with the bf for about a year and already made his parents a holiday wreath but I don't want to come empty handed to the Christmas party.  Thanks for your help  :)

What are their interests?  If they like to travel, and  you know they have a trip coming up, maybe a guidebook?  Same with gardening, bowling, etc.


I'd go with a good $25 -$30 bottle of wine, a tray of cookies or a nice box of beautiful blank cards.  Good luck!

I did this for a friend's bridal shower and she LOVED it.

Go to Target.  Get a nice serving bowl (I got a pretty wooden one for @ $8.00.)  Fill it with movie candy, a bottle of wine or sparkling cider, microwave popcorn and a gift certificate to Blockbuster.  Target has some really nice fancy candy - make sure you take that and the popcorn out of the box otherwise nothing else will fit.  Comprable gift baskets online are $50 and up and IMHO weren't nearly as nice as the one I ended up making.  Including the bowl, candy, popcorn, sparkling cider and $15 gift card it was still only @ $35. 

Clara Bow:
Be sure you make sure that your bf's parents can have candy/sweets before you buy them!
I'd get them each a stocking and fill it with their favorite goodies and a gift card apiece to their favorite store/restraunt.


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