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After reading the whole thing I became thankful for my husband. Sometimes it is annoying because his verbal filter isn't that great. He will give his honest opinion and not realize that he might hurt someone's feelings - he's done it to me (and is now much more careful), most of his guy friends are as clueless as him, and most of my girlfriends have known him long enough that they just ignore his sometimes not perfect statements.

However, he is great in a bind because whereas I have a hard time saying no to things that get thrust upon me (sounds wrong but you know what I mean), he will always say no (or yes if he thinks it is a good idea).  So his lack of filter actually saved me many times from being stuck with an uninvited guest, getting taken advantage of by a so called friend, etc.

I can't tell him that cause then he'd never learn, so I have to tell all of you.

*Hugs* I hate to say this...but in today's world..Lol..helps to be like that...sigh..:) *Hugs*

Sad but true sometimes!


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