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separating frozen chicken?

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Again, not looking for a recipe, just help...  ???

DH and I buy large packages of chicken breasts and consume them over a few weeks.  Chicken was on sale, so we bought a big package (7 or 8 breasts).  Normally, we'd separate them and put them in their own little tupperwares before freezing, but we didn't for a small variety of irrelevant reasons.

Anyone know how we can get these things apart without defrosting the whole bunch?  It's not good to defrost and refreeze, but we're not going to eat 7 breasts before they go bad in the fridge, either.

Thanks  :)

Run them under warm water? put them in a baggie and bang them on the counter?

no, but I'd love to hear. We resorted to a screw driver and hammer the other week.

I think you would do best with soaking the chicken in warm to hot water in a bowl.  It should seperate them easily enough, but be careful with the temperature of the water when you go to pull them out.

Run a knife under hot water and pryyyyyy them apart.


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