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Author Topic: Missing Credit Cards - Hug, Please - Suggestions On Where To Look Also Welcome  (Read 811 times)

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rose red

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Do you have a place where you put stuff like bank statements, tax forms, insurance forms, etc?


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Oh, you'll probably find them in some totally random place after you've received the replacements.  They'll be on the TOP of the fridge/bookcase/shelf in a closet/top of the pantry...this is especially true if your DH is significantly taller than you (mine is 8" taller than me, it happens frequently). Other possibilities include junk drawers, in between the bed and nightstand,  between the mattress and headboard, and the garbage.
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All my joint accounts with dh where we're are each cardholders have separate/different card numbers. Then you can identify the card used on the transaction.


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Do you use a physical (paper) phone book?
That's where I found mine,once,after making a purchase.


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We once had cash 'go missing from our house' when I was a child, and all my friends got banned from visiting until the missing money was discovered under a not often used cereal box in the cupboard. Dad had put the cash underneath the box to hide it rather than leaving it on the counter in plain sight, and then forgotten about it. We didnt find it until someone wanted weetabix for breakfast ;). Is there anywhere like that, just above an open counter, where someone tidying could have put the cards for 'safe keeping'?

The only other place I once found missing cards was in a bag only used when cycling  - the card had been taken out when on a bike ride, the bag put away with the bike with the card still in it...Took me a while to retrace the steps for that one...

Just some thoughts - I hope you find them. However, I'd still take PP's advice about cancelling the missing ones now and have them resissued just for piece of mind anyway.


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I would buy either a big, big basket, (you can get them at Michael's) or a big Rubbermaid plastic bin, and when you are away, anything or everything, (mail and such), that your husband or children that are in the home, are unsure of, goes in that bin, even after he has looked at it.  Don't let him throw any mail away until you have gone thru it.  He can open it, but then it goes in the bin.

Put it by the door or somewhere where it is easily noticeable.

This way, you have one area where you can go thru as you have the time, rather than always looking thru your whole house, pockets, purses, etc.