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Author Topic: EW EW EW!!! Things you can't unsee  (Read 475 times)

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EW EW EW!!! Things you can't unsee
« on: Yesterday at 05:55:18 PM »
Ew Ew Ew!!!

BG: We are cleaning out my Dad's house in preparation for sale. Since Mom died a year ago, he's downsized to a small apartment and has essentially handed responsibility for cleaning out the place/selling the furniture/disposing of everything to me and my brother. It's a large house and mom was a packrat. Not a hoarder by any means, but she had a lot of stuff. end BG

So today we are all over at the house, selling stuff and going through it at the same time. It was me, DH, DB, DSIL and DN(iece). DH and I are going through one of Mom's jewelry boxes to make sure we hadn't missed anything. DH noticed a little tab that opened a secret compartment on the bottom of it, and in there he found an envelope.

<cue ominous music>

We should have just stopped there. If it was hidden there, there certainly had to be a reason for it, right? Better just to give it to Dad and forget about it. But no, curiosity got the better of me. I asked DH to look in the envelope. He didn't want to, but I prevailed. Slowly he opens it and finds...

A picture of a cat that we had when I was a child. Oh! I haven't thought about Frisky for years. He was a great cat!

And hey! There are a few more pictures, too! Probably more pics of Frisky and maybe of Dusty, too-the other cat we had at the time.

Uh. No.

Did you know that Polaroid cameras became popular around 1970? People loved them! You could take pictures and they would develop right before your eyes! No more going to the store to have rolls of film developed! And you know, that afforded some previously unknown freedoms. You could now take pictures of anything. Anything at all. And not have to worry about other people seeing them!

I saw what no child should ever see. Apparently the cat wasn't the only thing that was frisky. Yup. 40+ year old Polaroid pictures that my parents took of each that.  EW EW EW EW EW EW EW EW EW EW!!!!!!!!!!!

I of course did the only logical thing I could think of in the moment. I screamed for my brother and made him look at them too. He may never forgive me for that  ;D

There is not enough brain bleach on the planet. There will never be enough brain bleach ever. Ever ever ever.

Dad came by the house about an hour later. I gave him the pics and he turned bright red and giggled, embarrassed and seeing the humor at the same time. He looked at us and simply said, "Well, we used to be young, you know."

So...what can you not unsee?
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Re: EW EW EW!!! Things you can't unsee
« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 06:25:27 PM »
My teenage son bent over on the stairs while wearing a towel. There is not enough brain bleach in the world.
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Re: EW EW EW!!! Things you can't unsee
« Reply #2 on: Yesterday at 06:31:42 PM »
Samihami,  btdt. I was traumatized. Not enough brain bleach in the world.
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Re: EW EW EW!!! Things you can't unsee
« Reply #3 on: Yesterday at 06:34:37 PM »
I am so glad that the Beta format video tapes can no longer be played - and even more glad that a flood ruined the tapes, player, and black & white camera some 16 years after college, when the Beta format came out.

We now have a digital video camera, but 36 years after college, we're no longer making videos of ourselves.  Now it's the grandkids & other important *family* events.  If we can find the camera & it still has a charged battery when we find it...

As to the brain bleach moments - VorGuy decided that it would be funny to "twerk" - an almost sixty year old man with thinning hair in tighty whities twerking in my kitchen & singing...well, I'm glad that there was no video.  Mylie Cyrus need not worry....

And I wish he'd done it while fixing himself a midnight snack while alone in the kitchen...with only the cat watching.  Because nothing gets the message across like a cat horking a hairball on your foot.
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Re: EW EW EW!!! Things you can't unsee
« Reply #4 on: Yesterday at 06:41:01 PM »
I've got 2..........

GrampaB passed away in 1967, and GrammaB passed in 1968. (I was 13&14 years old) Dad, Mom, and Uncle Walter were cleaning out the house, getting rid of the garbage and setting aside the good stuff to be sold at auction after everything had been sorted. My brother and I were helping.

We were in the attic, and I came across a small box, with the address of a jewelry store in NYC on the outside of the box. I thought, "ooooo, what kind of ring is in here?" (GrammaB had cool tastes in jewelry!) I open the lid, look inside, and, to my shock, is a porcelain eye looking back at me.  ??? It was one of Grampa's extras. (He had been seriously wounded in WWI at the Argonne Forrest)

Just last week, DearGrandSonAge8 had a dentist appointment after school. I picked him and his sister, DearGrandDaughterAge6, up from school and we went to the dentist. DoctorD examined GS, and said that the baby tooth had 2 cavities, the permanent tooth was coming in, so the baby tooth had to come out. DGS did really well in the chair, and DGD was very patient and quiet while waiting.

After the extraction, we went to their house to wait for their parents to get home from work. In the mean time, DGS wanted to look at the extracted tooth the dentist had put in a little container. "Here, Gramma, could you open this please?" I opened it, and there was the tooth, roots, blood and all. EWWW.


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Re: EW EW EW!!! Things you can't unsee
« Reply #5 on: Yesterday at 06:42:41 PM »
ROFLMAO  :o  At least I KNOW that I won't find anything like that at my Mom's house when the time comes.  I already helped her move & I know everything in that house.


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Re: EW EW EW!!! Things you can't unsee
« Reply #6 on: Yesterday at 06:51:12 PM »
well there was the time when i was about 13 and barged into my parents room in the middle of a saturday afternoon and they were ... ya know... fooling around.  thankfully they were still dressed but still...

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Re: EW EW EW!!! Things you can't unsee
« Reply #7 on: Yesterday at 07:17:49 PM »
A drawing of my sister, angled to be looking up her body from the floor, that her ex-husband (really quite talented, I must admit) did.

She assures me she was actually wearing underwear. From the level of detail, I...doubt that.
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Re: EW EW EW!!! Things you can't unsee
« Reply #8 on: Yesterday at 08:30:56 PM »
My 'Can't UNSEE that' moment is actually from a tv show :).

Normally, CSI doesn't bother me. But there was one episode... The investigators had to go question someone who worked at a tattoo and piercing shop. And the scene in the shop opened with a tongue splitting. Which is one of my gag triggers.

By the time I lunged for the remote it was over, but I will never be able to get that out of my head.