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I used to work for a dinner theatre, and my friends constantly bugged me to get them free tickets.  Um, no.  It wasn't a great job (I've posted before about getting a nasty letter from a potential customer when I didn't know every last detail about the current show), but I didn't want to lose it!  Luckily, I was able to pacify them by saying "Tell you what - when you call to book tickets, make sure you ask for me, and I'll do everything I can to get you the best seats in the house."  (They didn't need to know that I did that for every customer.)


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--- Quote from: siamesecat2965 on November 26, 2012, 03:34:25 PM ---UGH. The dreaded employee discount. I work, and ahve worked, in a women's store PT for the last 7 years. Thankfully, that issue hasn't ever come up for me.  Technially we are not supposed to use our discount for anyone but ourselves, and gifts. However, in my store, they don't really mind if we use it mom's, daughters, sisters, and family. As long as its not abused, its ok.

I do remember one year, about 20 years ago, working for the holidays in a large, well-known dept. store. I was working in the fashion jewelry dept, and a customer came in, someone who I didn't know, but recognized as we sometimes took the same bus into NYC. But I didn't know her name or anything.  She actualy had the nerve to ask me if I could buy something with my discount, and she'd give me the "bread" later on. I politely said sorry, I'm not allowed to do that, which i wasn't but even if I was, as I didn't know her, I wouldn't have done it!

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Don't get me started on employee discounts!  One of my best friends works for Giant Hotel chain.  That means that she can 1) Tell people where there are deals. If a specific Hotel has too many vacancies, they will drop the prices of the rooms.  (Her job is to work on computational models that calculate prices that will maximize profit but sell out the rooms.) 2) get a fixed number of coupons per year for free stays.

So people assume that 1) She can just set any price at any hotel in any city on request and 2) Offer up unending free stays.  In fact, her sister will call her up and say, "I've just gotta get away this weekend.  Can you get me a suite at the swanky Las Vegas location for $50 a night.  Oh, and I'll need to drop of the kids too!  What do you mean there aren't rooms?  I've offered to pay!"

She finally decided one year that she was going to get it all over with and posted on Facebook: "I have X coupons for this year.  The first X people who respond will get one and after that don't ask until next year.  Her cousin started berating her for being selfish (Friend kept half of the coupons for herself.) 

Points of the rant:

How dare she keep her coupons when she had other benefits like health and dental.

If Friend had a smart phone  she could sure as heck pay for her own hotels and leave the freebies for people who couldn't afford them. 

Since Friend was offering some coupons, she had a moral obligation to pay for all friends on Facebook who wanted a free nights' stay - even if she had to pay for it out of pocket.

Friend was so rude for offering coupons that were not available on "black out" days.  And once again, if they couldn't use the coupons on the dates they wanted, friend was morally obligated to pay.

Friend's chain did not have a local hotel and the coupons were too inconvenient for her. 

Um, alrighty.  My friend responded by simply emailing her a link to the HR website and suggested that she apply.  Whenever we have GNO, said friend will always drink a little faster when mentioning whatever new rudeness she's been subjected to over her work freebees.

--- End quote ---

What does benefits and a smart phone have to do with it?

Perhaps that cousin thought those things meant Friend was ever-so-much-more-fortunate than others and that she be offering her freebies as consolation prizes to those who weren't so lucky? :P  (Which is headache-inducing in itself ...)

A rant like that should have ensured not only a block on Facebook but that Cousin received no coupons or discounts ever.

Oh, the dreaded employee discount.  Here's another good one....DH works at an auto dealership in the parts department.  He can get parts at a significant discount as an employee.  They don't mind if you get parts for a friend or family member, but DH has to pay up front.  There's no credit available. 

DH's long time friend does all his own auto repairs so of course, he saw this as a gold mine.  I saw it as a drain on our finances.  We would have to put up the money ahead of time and then wait around until DH could get to see said friend and deliver the part and get reimbursed.  But DH is a softer touch than I am and still will get his friend the occasional part when necessary.  He will at least clear it with me first.

When I totally put my foot down though, is when the friend started sending HIS friends over to DH to get parts.  These are people we have maybe met once and definitely do not see on a regular basis and I am sure as God made little green apples that we are not going to start supplying parts for any random person that anyone may send our way.  And yes, I've been accused by these "friends" of being cheap and unhelpful.  Sorry, that's the way things go.


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