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Count me in as a member of the entourage club. For I experienced the same, had a friend who enjoyed having me tagalong as she shopped for herself. If I tried looking at something for me, suddenly she was bored and we had to move on.

Once there was a group of us on an out of town trip and we went to a mall that had a Disney store. I got excited for it was something we didn't have back home. My friend was in the group that went with me into the store and later she related to others how I acted about it. Maybe I read her wrong, but I felt she thought I was childish for I was all agog about the store, and kind of burdened her and the rest with us at the time for having to go in there with me. Whatever. It was your decision, not mine, to go in there as well.

This is why I won't shop with certain people. I like to take my time in some store, but am not interested in others. I've had friends who seem ok with me going in to a store, but then start the huffing and sighing, like I'm torturing them, and we've only been there about 10 minutes.

My cousin is a compulsive shopper. If there's something to be seen, or bought, or deity forbid SOME kind of sale, she's there. I personally don't care about a lot of what she likes, but she's perfectly content for me to park myself somewhere while she browses, or we will split up and go to different stores, and then meet up later on.

Dear teen girls who were at the theater last night:

I understand that it was probably the first time you'd ever been allowed to be out so late for a movie without a supervising adult. However, giggling at scrabble scenes, shrieking, and chatting loudly are not ever considered appropriate behavior. You were irritating everyone else in the cinema and ruining their experience. Also, it is not considered appropriate to clap very loudly as you leave. Hint: If no one else is doing it, chances are good that it's inappropriate.

We interrupt this broadcast to report... an astonishing lack of Special Snowflakes!

Mrs.k2002, the boys and I went to Disneyland on 12/28, which is one of the park's busiest days of the year. Amazingly, there really weren't any SSs to be seen, although I'm sure that the cast found more than a few. Several attractions were closed due to breakdowns, but I didn't hear anyone complaining. Lines for food were long, but everyone was courteous. I saw people sharing tables with strangers (as we did ourselves) because seating was at a premium for meals. I think the worst was an 8yo boy who elbowed past me in line to catch up with his parents. There were the usual groups of people stopping in awkward places, blocking traffic, but those were few and far-between. Maybe I'm just mellowing in my old age.

Well... we did see one real SS, but most of his specialness came outside of the park. For those not familiar with DL, there's a special off-ramp from the Interstate 5 car-pool lane* just for DL. It lets you onto the street right by the bridge that leads to the DL parking structure. We were tooling along in the car-pool lane, coming up behind a somewhat slow moving armored car, when I noticed the car behind me, tail-gating. Without admitting anything on my own part, officer, I can guarantee that that car was going well over the speed limit. I tapped my brakes but he kept tail-gating. There was no way I was going to push the armored car any faster. Once we got to the end of the off-ramp, he sped around me (on the right), passed the armored car (on the right, cutting it off) and zipped up the bridge to the parking. After all of that mad driving (suitable for Mr. Toad), the SS and his passengers ended up sitting right in front of us in the tram from the parking to the park.

*BG: Car-pool (or HOV) lanes in SoCal are separated from the rest of the freeway. You can't switch in or out of the lane except at specially designated points, so there's no way for either the SS or for me to change lanes.

Travel tip: If you come to the DL resort and visit Disney's California Adventure, I highly recommend getting reservations at the Carthay Circle restaurant. The food and drinks are fantastic. If you can't get reservations, at least have a drink (yes, they serve alcohol, unlike DL) and some appetizers at the Carthay Circle lounge.

Seriously, why is it always the grocery store?

I had a cartload of items when I arrived at the checkout, so I was careful to avoid the express lanes.  I arrived at the lane, after an elderly couple, just before another family - two parents and a woman in her late teens/early twenties. All three of us had equally full carts.  There was no question as to who got to the line in which order.  It was the elderly couple, me, and then the family.  But the young woman, rolled her eyes and huffed, as if I should have let them ahead of me for some reason I was unaware of.

I ignored her and unloaded my cart.  The young woman huffed to herself about how LONG people take unloading their carts, and how this whole store was just ridiculous for not getting people through line quicker.  Over and over, she whined about how LONG it was taking, she wanted to go home, this wait was ridiculous, couldn't people go faster?  With each gripe, she got louder and louder until it was absolutely clear that the cashier heard every word.

Finally, when the family got close enough to the register to put their items on the belt, they couldn't find the divider bar to separate our items. When she saw that the cashier didn't notice their "distress," the young woman stomped past, out of the store, loudly huffing, "This is RIDICULOUS. I am going HOME.  I hate this stupid place!"

All the while her parents placidly went through their grocery shopping.

Seriously, it was like seeing a five year old trapped in a 18/20 year old's body.


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