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Special Snowflake Stories

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Having just come from the trendy expressions thread, all I can say is "ermegard, you guyz!  Stahp!!!!"

1) Condo area is much cleaner and people are complaining less about snow today, thank the powers that be.

2) Thief is still sore about being branded a thief, but he still comes in to use our sole remaining typewriter to...you won't believe it...sit with the books he used to steal and, yes, COPY THEM OUT.  He goes through reams of his own paper and all of our typewriter ribbons...and it's getting harder to find the ones that work with that particular make.  (rolls eyes and prepares to go back to work after really much needed five day break due to blizzard.....)

p.s.  emwithmee, I plan on using your tent expression at the next possible opportunity. 

I can never understand traffic stories without diagrams, so I made a diagram. I'm in the green car in the second of the double left-turn lanes. Mr. Must Be First In Line is in the yellow car, labeled with an S for Snowflake.

We were all waiting patiently for a chance to turn left - except Mr. MBFIL wasn't so patient. He abruptly cut out of his place in line, nearly clipped my bumper as he squeezed between the two rows of cars, and pulled in front of the blue car, nearly hitting her also. He won himself one whole car length with that maneuver and wound up much further out into the intersection than he should have been, causing problems for oncoming traffic.

Two lights later I saw him stopped at a red right beside me, so it seems the line-cutting didn't save him much time.  ::)

Outdoor Girl:
^ That is a very impressive diagram!


--- Quote from: thunderroad on February 11, 2013, 10:10:53 PM ---
--- Quote from: heartmug on February 11, 2013, 11:45:35 AM ---**hands Yarnspinner a nice cup of hot tea**

I was on a condo board once.   Just once.  I so know what you mean!

--- End quote ---

Me, too.  Never again.  Yarnspinner, here are some lovely cookies to go with that tea.  ;D

--- End quote ---

Agreed.  I served on the board of my community band for 4 years.  Never again.
My wife and I are also in the process of buying a townhome.  If anyone asks if I'd be willing to serve on the association board, my answer is "absolutely not."

Sigh. I just joined a board (or should I say, I was volunteered for a board and accepted the chair position because nobody else would...) It's a sub-board to fundraise for a nonprofit organization. I've been trying to think of fundraising ideas and have been shooting e-mails off to the other members. Two of the four other members of the board have e-mailed me back, telling me they don't have time to sell tickets/other fundraising things, and don't want to ask people for money. I just...ahh.  Why would you join a fundraising board then??


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