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Special Snowflake Stories

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Came across 3 SS walking down the middle of the road this morning. They were walking next to each other, and didn't have the common decency to move over so we could go around them. They did break into a trot, but that really didn't fix the problem.

Finally, one ran off the edge of the road, and the other 2 flew in different directions. Darn, turkeys, you'd think they would have better manners. No, really, they really were turkeys.


--- Quote from: jane7166 on March 23, 2013, 11:40:24 AM ---
--- Quote from: rain on March 23, 2013, 11:15:45 AM ---I had a special snowflake today - the parkingspothogges

at the rec center there was a mostly empty lot in front of the gym/weight lifting/pool wing - and a mostly packed lot in front of the soccer field wing

A guy in a little convertable parks in the soccer lot, notices that people start to park next to him then change directions - he gets out, discovers he's about 4-5" inches at an angle over the line (the rear of his car was over the line which prevented anyone from using that  parking spot) - then he walks over to the gym wing

if he wanted empty spaces by his car there was plenty of room in the other lot - where he went; but taking 2 spaces in front of the soccer wing - when there aren't that many open spaces ... ::)

--- End quote ---

I usually can fit my car into a space that someone has deliberately over-flowed into and I often do.  It's worth it to watch them squeeze back into their badly parked car and inch out.

--- End quote ---

I've done that too. I did it so well at the Y over the summer that two of the staff took pictures and showed them off at a party later that evening.

I would like to nominate the snowflake who basically shut down a fastfood drive through this morning.   The drive through lane is pretty narrow anyway due to the placement of a fence and the menu sign.  And despite the fact that there are no parking spots anywhere next to the drive through lane, someone took it upon themselves to park perpendicular to the drive through lane, backing up until their tires hit the little concrete divider that separated the drive through lane from the rest of the lot.   So about two feet of this car's trunk hung over into the drive through lane, making it impossible for anything bigger than a subcompact car to pull through past the menu sign to the window.  This resulted in chaos as larger cars got stuck, unable to pull through, had to back out, setting off a chain reaction of backing out among subsequent customers. 

The restaurant eventually shut down the drive through and posted an employee outside the restaurant (in freezing old temperatures) asking people to go inside and order.  The poor staff apologized profusely and offered everyone free coffee or hot cocoa.  They said they had no idea who the car belonged to, but suspected it was a guest at one of the adjacent motels.  The staff had called a tow truck, but it was taking a while to get there.

Seriously, who does that?

ETA: Because of the placement of the window, the staff was not able to see who parked there or when they did it.

Oh, I do hope the tow truck driver got there before the owner of the car had a chance to retrieve it.  I don't often wish ill events on people, but that person really deserved to have to pay an impound fee.


--- Quote from: mmswm on March 23, 2013, 02:40:20 PM ---Oh, yeah.  EvilMe wanted to do exactly that, especially since I drive a tiny little civic and hadn't pulled all the way forward (but the back end of my car was still completely in the spot) and this woman was driving a full sized Cadillac. If I'd left my cart near where the front of my own car was, she'd have never been able to get her car completely in the spot without either having to get out and move the cart, or bumping into the cart and potentially causing damage to both her car and the other vehicles that were in the area.

--- End quote ---

I have found that "little things" like fitting into the space properly doesn't stop people from parking there anyway. Every time I go out, I always find some vehicle with the back end overhanging the space. Usually it's a foot or two overhanging, but on my last trip to the grocery, I found the worst offender yet and practically 1/3-1/2 of the vehicle was not pulled into the space. The aisle was wide enough for two cars to pass each other, but with this vehicle sticking out so far, it was reduced to a one lane aisle. It was ridiculous.


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