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Special Snowflake Stories

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--- Quote from: mmswm on March 23, 2013, 02:31:21 PM ---A slightly different take on parking lot snowflakes:

A few days ago I ran to the grocery store. I did not have any of the kids with me so I parked waaaaay out in the back of the parking lot, where the only available non-handicapped parking was (when I have the boys with me, I park in the handicapped spots, but since the placards belong to them, and I don't actually need the spots for myself, if they're not with me, I don't use the spots). 

So after my shopping was done, I worked my way back to my spot.  This car was stalking me the whole way back.  The parking lot was pretty full, so I figured that this person was going to keep following me so she could have my spot.  I got to my car and unloaded my groceries.  I didn't rush, but I didn't dawdle either.  I took the time I needed to make sure that my groceries were loaded into my car in such a way as they wouldn't get crushed, smooshed or broken.  I don't feel I took an extraordinary amount of time.  As I was unloading the groceries, this woman kept making exasperated gestures at me, like I should be willing to toss my things in my car haphazardly just so she could get into the store a minute sooner.  Well, then I committed the ultimate of sins.  I had the audacity to take my cart back to the cart corral!  This woman then rolled down her window and started to berate me for being rude and inconsiderate and shouldn't I know that people were waiting for my spot!  I just rolled my eyes at her and got into my car, but geesh, I really had to work hard to control evil mmswm that day.

--- End quote ---

I've had a slightly similar experience. My mom and I had gone fairly early one morning to the store and we'd gotten a good spot, with a handicap one on one side and empties on the other. When we came out, it was still like that, there was no one in those regular slots yet. As we put stuff in the trunk, we noticed a pickup sitting in the lane as though they were waiting for a spot to clear. Where they waiting for us? If so, why? The one right beside us was empty, as were the others along our row. But they just sat there. As we were getting ourselves into the car, another car came and pulled into the spot beside us, but the truck remained where it was. As we backed out and drove on, I looked back to watch and sure enough, the pickup driver pulled right in to the spot we'd just vacated. Okaaaayyyy. It was a mystery to me as to why they had to have that place and not taken one just a few feet away, but get points for being patient. :)

Tyler, I do have a theory for your patient truck driver.  It's possible that either himself or his passenger had a temporary disability (using crutches or a walker, or just needed a little extra space) and didn't have a handicap parking permit.  The spot you were in was reasonably close, and next to the access aisle, so when he came back out, he could be sure he had the extra space to get in and out of his truck.  I've stalked similar spots when for whatever reason I didn't have one of the boys' permits with me but did have a boy who needed a wheelchair.  My choices are to park way out in the back and take several spots, or wait patiently for somebody to vacate a space adjacent to a handicap spot.

That might not be the case with your spot-stalker, but it is a reasonable explanation.

More than likely the scenario there. I just never had that happen before. They were patient about though, unlike what you had to put up with.

Came across 3 SS walking down the middle of the road this morning. They were walking next to each other, and didn't have the common decency to move over so we could go around them. They did break into a trot, but that really didn't fix the problem.

Finally, one ran off the edge of the road, and the other 2 flew in different directions. Darn, turkeys, you'd think they would have better manners. No, really, they really were turkeys.


--- Quote from: jane7166 on March 23, 2013, 11:40:24 AM ---
--- Quote from: rain on March 23, 2013, 11:15:45 AM ---I had a special snowflake today - the parkingspothogges

at the rec center there was a mostly empty lot in front of the gym/weight lifting/pool wing - and a mostly packed lot in front of the soccer field wing

A guy in a little convertable parks in the soccer lot, notices that people start to park next to him then change directions - he gets out, discovers he's about 4-5" inches at an angle over the line (the rear of his car was over the line which prevented anyone from using that  parking spot) - then he walks over to the gym wing

if he wanted empty spaces by his car there was plenty of room in the other lot - where he went; but taking 2 spaces in front of the soccer wing - when there aren't that many open spaces ... ::)

--- End quote ---

I usually can fit my car into a space that someone has deliberately over-flowed into and I often do.  It's worth it to watch them squeeze back into their badly parked car and inch out.

--- End quote ---

I've done that too. I did it so well at the Y over the summer that two of the staff took pictures and showed them off at a party later that evening.


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