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Seven Ate Nine:
Holy cow!  I am due next week (though the way I've been feeling she might make a slightly earlier appearance) and there is no freaking way I'd be able to deal with that.  Honestly after hearing that their mother didn't want to pick them up I'd be looking into my options to call the police about abandoned minors.

gramma dishes:
I can't imagine the mother even THINKING of leaving a bunch of kids (a couple of which were not even HERS!!) in the hospital room of someone in labor.  What?  Did she adopt all her own kids and doesn't have a clue what labor and delivery are like? 

I'm also amazed that the hospital staff didn't turn them around at the door and send them home -- immediately.  I honestly don't think our hospital would have tolerated this for a minute!

Your poor friend.  Hope all goes well for her and that her baby comes into the world quietly and with the privacy this family deserves.

Speaking of dogs in inappropriate places, a while back my husband arrived at his office and smelt an unmistakeable odor in the air.  Turns out that a co-worker had brought his dog into the office the night before and let the dog just run around doing whatever while he was working.  The dog did its business on the carpet, and the co-worker either didn't notice or didn't care.

When I first started working in my current office, we had a woman that was an admin assistant for a executive. She was extremely SS, refused to ever participate in any event thrown by employees, but would get her feelings hurt if we didn't have a birthday party for her. She had calamity after calamity happen outside work and started bringing her poodle into work. It was never approved, but she kept doing it, in between leave periods, until finally the administration made her leave a permanent situation.

Her dog would bark often, and it was very loud even with the door shut.

At my dad's workplace, people were allowed to bring their dogs in. The dogs behaved well, everyone was happy. Then one day an order came down from on high banning all non-service pets from the building. Dad was told that somebody's dog had left messes all down the main hall over the weekend. The owner, whoever it was, hadn't bothered to clean up any of it- it was left for maintence to deal with. The building head's assistant was chummy with maintence, so the word made it to boss in no short order. One jerk wrecked it for everyone.


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