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Years ago I used to subscribe to a blog written by a library student. (Once she got a job, she took it down.)  One of the sections allowed librarians to air grievances and one young whippersnapper let loose on "older" librarians, how selfish we were not to retire in our forties and let younger librarians move up the food chain and get promotions.  I had to laugh because I had been at the same library 15 years and had yet to receive even a hint of a promotion.  Every time a fellow librarian in a promotional position retired....the city closed the position.  Ten years later and it is still the same.  Not to mention: in the last few years, between concessions, give backs, increases in health premiums (which I fully support), not to mention massive property tax increases, I will soon be paying the city to allow me to work.  My hope is to retire next year and find a part time job or a less stress full time job elsewhere....but that doesn't look possible right now.  I may be here until they pry my cold, dead hands from the computer keys as even my pension is in jeopardy of disappearing thanks to corruption and bad decisions. 

But I AM happy to report that the whippersnapper got Hail Columbia rained down upon her head, and some of that Hail Columbia came from library students who a) were senior citizens seeking career change and who b) pointed out that she should be seeking older workers out for their knowledge and insight rather than trying to shove them out the door.  Even the site owner got on her case.  It was delicious.

Another gem from my store's FB page. A customer posted, complaining that rather than being marked down, an item she bought was "marked up" And posted a pic of the tag. org. price was 39.50, marked "up" to 39.99.  Implying she had actually paid more for it than the original price.  Someone else commented, what a scam, and another person replied saying no, simple human error. Which is the most likely scenario, since we do markdowns by hand. And yes, we have to do them quickly, and sometimes errors are made.

however, no matter what's on the ticket, the prices are in the system, so when you ring them up, they ring up at the correct price. so let's say this was supposed to be 29.99, minus the additional % off clearance. She didn't pay the higher price, and a quick look at her receipt would show what she actually DID pay. She's whining and assuming she paid more, when I can say with certainty, she did not.

She then responded to the person who said it was a simply error, no, it wsa greed, and saying as they were a former employee, of course they'd take the store's side, and how sad it was the store felt the need to scam its customers.


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--- Quote from: Lorelei_Evil on September 05, 2013, 09:23:59 AM ---She makes my snarky comment typing fingers itch.  I refrained, but it was difficult.

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Mine too. It's too bad you can't comment on DA letters, right then and there!  I'd love to see what responses people posted! Hopefully this one will garner enough "activity" so that she posts a follow-up.

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Pop over to Yahoo news and look it up, the comments posters over there are usually pretty snarky and often funny.

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Thank you!  yeah, they are all pretty much ripping her a new one, and telling her to get over herself. I'll have to remember this, since there are many times I want to comment on something in DA, and see what others have to say.

Not to mention that many older workers often know a lot more about the job, about the organization, about work in general.  Valuable knowledge that it takes the younger person years to learn.  There is an excellent chance that if someone older than the LW were to retire, would her employers even want her in that job?

And as Abby herself said, it would be interesting to see if this person actually cuts back or takes a lower position once they are older.


--- Quote from: TeamBhakta on September 04, 2013, 05:13:37 PM ---Snowflakes that only want wedding registry gifts will apparently write columns to get the word out.


Although the worst one I've seen was 10 years ago, where someone in a bridal magazine said "Oh, I thought I was being so clever and thoughtful when I was single and gifting my friends with a fun board game or a waffle iron + some breakfast related items. I didn't realize how inconsiderate and thoughtless I was, how much trouble the bride had gone through to pick out her list." ::)

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I'm not as annoyed with this article as I usually am about registries. She does acknowlege that they aren't then definitive list and she does stand by her decision to buy off the registry at times.

I thought what she was primarily intending to say was "If I put the Wusthoff knife set on my registry, don't buy the J Henckel's because you think they are a better brand." or if I registered for the Kate Spade decanter, don't buy the Waterford because you like Waterford better."


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