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The aisles in the maze are purposely narrow, so if you were to try to turn around and go against traffic, you'd have a terrible time and make life very difficult for those coming behind you.  The aisles are really only about 2-2.5 people-widths wide, so there's just no space for someone swimming against the current.  The little display rooms are cul-de-sacs; if you should foolishly walk into one to take a closer look at the sofa or bookcase or whatever, it's like trying to enter the freeway at rush hour to get back on the path.

I simply stick to the main rule of IKEA: Do not go on weekends, weekdays after 3 (wednesday 12 because primary schools are out then in The Netherlands), or school holidays.

I just bought a house and spend a lot of time at IKEA, last week was a school holiday and then i realised I forgot the last part, for the rest my shopping experiences there are great.

Special Snowflake of the Day at work:

This is a real chat support question I dealt with today.  I used find and replace to remove my name, the snowflake's name, and references to my workplace (CID stands for College ID in my chat - it's not actually what we call our student ID numbers, but you get the idea.)

Special Snowflake:
how can i create an account?
Welcome Special Snowflake! Your request has been directed to the (department Greencat works in). Please wait for our operator to answer your call.
Call accepted by operator Greencat. Currently in room: Greencat, Special Snowflake.
Good morning
Special Snowflake:
An account for what?
Special Snowflake:
the COLLEGE E-mail
Special Snowflake:
the COLLEGE Mascot Email
Please log on to the MyCOLLEGE portal, click the Mascot email link on the left hand side, and then click the create account button.
You must log into the portal first.  That step is vital.
Special Snowflake:
do i click sign on for the myCOLLEGE portal?

Red Alert!  Red Alert!  This person has never interacted with this page before.  This does not bode well for the conversation.

That is how you log in to the portal.
Special Snowflake:
 then it is asking for my CID and password
Special Snowflake:
what is a CID?

Mayday!  Mayday!  As soon as your application to my college is processed, they send you an email telling you about this "CID," and how to retrieve it  This person, at best, submitted their application over the weekend, and it hasn't been processed yet.  Note that I said "at best."

Did you apply to COLLEGE?
Special Snowflake:
not yet
I'm sorry, those email address are for admitted COLLEGE students only.
Special Snowflake:
u were very nice helping me
Thank you for contacting the COLLEGE (department where I work). I hope you have a pleasant day.
Special Snowflake:
i like you
Special Snowflake is now off-line and may not reply. Currently in room: Greencat.

I was very, very, very confused by the end of the conversation.  I was afraid it was going to veer off into eye-bleach territory, but fortunately the Snowflake just logged off.

If you're wondering why this person is a Special Snowflake, realize that he was asking how to create an account that identified him as a student of a college where he hadn't even submitted an application!


--- Quote from: Slartibartfast on October 28, 2013, 02:43:55 PM ---Yarnspinner, tell her it's her lucky day - the realtor put up pictures online!  http://terriblerealestateagentphotos.com/

--- End quote ---


I will never look at garden chairs the same way.


--- Quote from: jedikaiti on October 29, 2013, 12:32:37 AM ---At ours, there are shortcuts, but you have to find a store map or ask a sales person to notice them.

--- End quote ---
At ours the shortcuts are on storemaps, but the actual shortcuts are hidden - made to look like dead ends by shelving racks etc. You won't see them until you are right on top of them.  I gave up and used argos for the cheap furniture bits - it's the same kind of price (and quality) and has a magazine not a warehouse.

I would like to add special snowflake publictransportus. I was walking past the local station yesterday, which was closed due to the weather. There was a gentleman in a suit arguing with the station manager that he had to get to work and that they had to provide a train and he did not understand why there were all these cancellations. This despite the rather large tree that was clearly visible a way down the track, lying on the rail line. The rail replacement bus stop was less than twenty feet away, but apparently that was not good enough.


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