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The only thing that I can think of is that most Western cultures deal with "standing in line" as a part of the culture.  "Cutting in line" is understood as not a good character trait and will get you either yelled at or considered an inconsiderate bacon-fed whatever of a knave.

Some cultures in more high density population centers NOT in the Western culture have NO idea what "standing in line" means and it is a cultural tradition to work your way through the crowd of passerby to get in front of the seller so you can get YOUR stuff (meal, shopping, dry cleaning, whatever).  They don't "see" a line - they see a lot of passerby who are standing around but are still obstacles to be gotten around to get to the seller/cashier or whatever they are trying to get.

They are not being bacon fed whatevers - they are following their cultural expectation - but all the Westerners standing in line are going to be cussing out the ignorant foreigners who don't even notice that they are cutting in line because they don't USE lines back home.

And those Westerners going to that location as tourists are going to be sadly tossed about as they try to find a line to stand in while the locals are trying to get by the weirdoes who are standing in place instead of getting to where they are going so that they can relieve the congestion on the walkway or road....I've never been there, but I understand that "traffic laws" are also regarded differently in the same locations.  Not that there aren't Western SSs who ignore laws if they think it will get them where they want to be ninety seconds faster....

They are SS because they should know the local laws, customs, and cultural expectation - so they are ignoring them.  The foreigners may be working from a different set of expectations, customs, and possibly legal traditions - so expecting them to know, bone deep, what they are doing is a bit like wearing blinders to make it easier to ignore the differences that do make a difference.  The cultural chains that bind invisibly but shape our behavior without our even thinking about it - or in some cases - being able to think about it unless you KNOW that there are fields of study on those very differences (anthropology, sociology, psychology, and many of the so called "soft sciences").

Note - my training is in sociology and I've been told since childhood that I don't think like everyone else.  I still don't know if this is good or bad...but it is different and some people do think that different = bad.  Or at least different = not good.  And not good = bad....so I've been yelled at a few times & had to be told why I was getting yelled at.

Still don't understand why it is not good to dislike football....but I grew up in West Texas and it could be compared to heresy in the Middle Ages - it may not be against church doctrine - but it is NOT encouraged!

rose red:
I was at a restaurant where you get your food and sit yourself.  There is a big dining area, but they open a "side room" during peak hours.  During down time, they close the side room with a metal sign standing in the middle of the doorway.  I saw a family look at the sign and just walked around it into the room.  Now the workers have to clean again.  Sadly I'm sure it's not the first time it's happened, and the cleaners doesn't appear to speak much English and I'm sure they think it's just easier to clean than confront.  When I went up to get a drink refill, I did mention to the cashier that people went into the closed area, but I don't know if anything was done or if they just let it go.


--- Quote from: kategillian on February 19, 2014, 06:51:40 AM ---And, honestly, what would they expect the server to say before they played the bill and tipped him? As a server myself, I'm happy to say that this kind of behavior is rare, I've even had parents ask me for a broom so they could finish cleaning.

--- End quote ---

My mother would ask for a broom to sweep up if my little sister made a mess, although Sis didn't do it often, as she was taught not to throw her food. But you know how it is - even toddlers with the best manners can have mishaps.  I've mopped more than one table due to someone capsizing a glass or a cup.


--- Quote from: kategillian on February 19, 2014, 06:51:40 AM ---And, honestly, what would they expect the server to say before they played the bill and tipped him? As a server myself, I'm happy to say that this kind of behavior is rare, I've even had parents ask me for a broom so they could finish cleaning.

--- End quote ---

Good point. He probably just wanted to get rid of them as expediently as possible.

The restaurant story reminded me of these two

Sis and her Sister-in-law took the kids out. Loren and her Older cousin were 2 and 4 yo. The restaurant had a long waiting list and Sis and her SIL decided to go somewhere else where they could get the kids fed faster.

As they were walking across the parking lot older cousin started choking, full on choking can't talk, can't cough. Sis grabbed him and went through the whole first aid procedure for a kid that size. She couldn't get what ever it was out. So she ordered SIL to call 911 and kept doing the first aid procedure. Just as the EMT's arrived she got the object out. The little imp had grabbed one of the mints on the desk as they were leaving - probably while Sis and her SIL were making their apologies to the hostess.

The EMT - threatened to call CPS on both families for being neglectful for allowing a 4 year old to have hard candy. Sis is a social worker - she told them off and filed a complaint in part because that attitude might keep someone from calling for help the next time.

Another time my cousin's kids made a mess because they were goofing around in a restaurant. They were made to clean up the mess, took a little trip to the bathroom, and came back with abject apologies that amazed the staff. Since they were old enough to know better their parents made them kick in from their own spending money $5 each over the tip we had covered because the staff was still going to have to clean more than normal to be ready for the next customer. The waiter thought we had forgotten our change. Cousin made the boys explain. Was a long time before they messed up that bad again.


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