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*I asked my soon-to-be 18 yo son if he minded taking me to Sam's Club as I only needed one thing. After I put my tenth item in the cart, he mildly protested with "I thought you said you were only getting one thing?" I replied, deadpan, "When a woman tells you she's only picking up one thing, she is ALWAYS lying." We both laughed.  ;D And yes I know men are equally guilty of that.

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What my daughter did when I was going to Costco (same as Sam's Club) for "just one thing " was to forbid me from using a cart. You don't need a cart, Mom, if you were getting just one thing!  So I was limited to what I could carry. :-)

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The story makes me chuckle. I recall when my son was 4 I took him to Walmart. Soon he rapidly pointed out several toys he wanted. I replied, "Son, if I got you everything you wanted each time we go to the store, we'd have to get at least 2 houses to hold it all." He answered why not? An older lady in the same aisle overheard our little chat and was giggling.

Saw a post on facebook, came up on my newsfeed as it was by a friend of a friend.    The lady was posting about how she and 3 friends had visited a restaurant for lunch with their 1 year old children (4 adults, 4 children) and the kids made a bit of mess as kids do.   They apologised to the waiter and apparently he said it was no problem, and commented that he wasn't very busy anyway.   After they finished and were walking out the owner of the restaurant accosted them and basically was quite nasty, telling them never to come back and asking if they would leave "their house in that state" and generally upsetting them all. 

Up until here I was sort of possibly on her side - it sounded kind of like my worst nightmare coming true.    I'm always paranoid about one day meeting one of those child-hating people who are supposedly out there (according to what I read on the internet) despite the fact that in real life everybody I meet is polite and friendly and welcomes my son with open arms.

...Except that she also posted a photo along with the status, which was presumably intended to support her case.   The floor was filthy.   Napkins, chips, slices of bread, all sorts of rubbish all over the floor under and around the table.   I was horrified!    Yes, my 1 year old makes a little more mess than most adults would, but I always pick up any big things he drops straight away.     I can't believe 4 grown adults thought it was remotely acceptable to leave anywhere in that state.   Disgusting.  And then naming and shaming the restaurant as if it was their fault.   I guess they could say "but the waiter told us it was ok!" but seriously what did they expect him to say?  It's a waiters job to be polite he can't exactly tell them to clean up!   Sad that they are too SS to feel ashamed of their behaviour, and will clearly do the same thing again in future.  And that's exactly the type of SS parents who make me paranoid in public that others will judge me and my family for their horrible behaviour, despite the fact we would never ever consider that ok.   >:(

Yikes that is really SS to leave that much behind! I try to pick up after my 2 year old, as much as possible and would be very embarrassed to leave a restaurant like that!

And, honestly, what would they expect the server to say before they played the bill and tipped him? As a server myself, I'm happy to say that this kind of behavior is rare, I've even had parents ask me for a broom so they could finish cleaning.

That is so over the top bad manners, as a parent, I am appalled.


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