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Re: Special Snowflake Stories
« Reply #18000 on: November 14, 2012, 08:43:19 PM »
I was just at WalMart and most of the lanes were closed down. There were only two open on the side I was on, both 20 Items or Less lanes. I headed toward a lane and a woman got in front of me and checked out with two items in less than a minute. While I was putting my items on the small table, I noticed a couple of things stacked up against the wall but I didn't think anything about them as they seemed to be off to the side. I put my things on the table and another woman came up behind me, glared at me, snatched the items away, and huffily snapped at the cashier, "Well is that other lane even open?" To her credit the cashier just said "Yes ma'am" and didn't mention it again after the woman stomped (you could hear her boots thudding) off. Sorry lady, you can't save a place in an express checkout line.


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Re: Special Snowflake Stories
« Reply #18001 on: November 14, 2012, 09:04:24 PM »
Slartibartfast, that just burns me!  >:(  People just don't realize how much work and effort, on top of the supplies, go into something like that.

I just made a birthday cake for a young relative, to feed 50 people. It was part of my gift, and took me a lot of time throughout the week before. (Making gumpaste pieces, making homemade fondant, baking, decorating, etc.) The difference is, the birthday girl's parents were thrilled and very appreciative.

But even then, my mom commented when I told her how long it took (she asked) that "it didn't look like a complicated one."  ::)  And mom's seen me work on cakes and generally has a pretty good grasp of the work that goes into them.

Then I told her that all of the teensy-tiny sugar pearls on the cake were attached by hand and royal icing. She backpedaled. :D
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Re: Special Snowflake Stories
« Reply #18002 on: November 14, 2012, 10:11:09 PM »
I witnessed a bit of a special snowflake storm the other day. I just got back from a vacation that involved air travel. When I was getting picked up at the airport after arriving at my destination, I had to wait outside in the pick-up area for a few minutes.

This area has two lanes of traffic going the same direction, and two lanes where cars can stop to load passengers (one on the left side and one on the right side). Most people end up using the right side loading area, I think because there didn't used to be a left side loading area.

So while I was waiting, I saw an SUV that was clearly trying to get further up in the loading area -- she was waving at someone, so whoever she was picking up was probably already there. There was also a sedan that was stopped in the right side driving lane, possibly waiting for whoever she was picking up to arrive. She might have just had her attention lapse for a few minutes and not noticed that the cars in front of her had moved. I couldn't tell why she was stopped.

So the SUV inched forward while looking up ahead and waving, and then realized that the sedan in front of her isn't going anywhere. She tried to pull around the sedan, but didn't have enough room anymore because she'd inched too close to the sedan. So she rolled down her window and yells, quite rudely, "Can you move?" To which the woman in the sedan yelled, "If you say please" in a totally snotty tone of voice. Then the woman in the SUV started honking, the woman in the sedan still didn't move, and I didn't actually see the ending of that little interaction because my ride showed up. My husband said that the person directing traffic yelled at both of them, though.


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Re: Special Snowflake Stories
« Reply #18003 on: November 14, 2012, 11:47:48 PM »
Special snowflakes indeed...

there have been a van of signpainters up and down the street this week decorating the windows of the shops with holiday themed stencils as part of a community initiative from some local traders. Not at all snowflakey right?


The signpainter's van got a parking ticket for overstaying its welcome in a 1-hour parking space. When the owner of the van saw the inspector issuing the ticket she confronted him and demanded that he cancel the ticket because;

1. She was performing a 'service for the community' - for which she needs her van, but there is ample parking on the street and no reason why she cannot move the van as required.

2. She was working for the council - Not true. She was employed by a group of traders who have elected themselves as a committee in charge of beautification of the shopping strip and fostering community spirit. Had she been employed by the council she would have been issued with a temporary parking permit which would have exempted her from parking time limits.

The inspector refused to withdraw the ticket and advised her to contact the council. She withdrew extremely vexed.

The committee in question had sent out an email inviting local traders to 'opt in' to the decoration scheme, which we chose not to do. Unfortunately someone 'forgot' to advise the signpainters as they have decorated our front window, along with several others they were not meant to do (like the chain supermarket, which will be receiving instructions regarding holiday decorations from its corporate office any day now) and many others where there are some half applied decorations before the owner/tenant has obviously come out and asked them to cease and desist. Fortunately the decorations are merely paper applied with glue and will come off easily, but we have received no information about how and when these decorations will be removed after the holiday season is over, so if we have to employ a contractor to remove these signs and/or there is any damage to the windows when they are removed, we will be sending a bill to the committee.

So the 'beautification' part of their scheme is going along swimmingly. It's the 'fostering community spirit' bit where they are falling down.

The funniest part? Guess what Christmas themed decorations have been applied to the front of our building??

Snowflakes.  >:D


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Re: Special Snowflake Stories
« Reply #18004 on: November 14, 2012, 11:58:54 PM »
I saw this on Yahoo - they asked people to submit stories about how the recent political election divided their families.  I don't want to link to the story because I don't want to even suggest that this is a red vs blue issue - this was just a very SS daughter. So, to summarize the story:
Daughter (who is the one telling the story) finds out her parents have put up a very large sign on their yard supporting the other candidate.  She makes a big deal of them not telling her during their regular phone conversations and when she finally confronts them, the mother is "ashamed" and tries to justify it because there is another large sign for daughter's candidate across the street.  Daughter then informs mother that as long as the sign is up, she will not visit them (keep in mind that she never saw the sign because she hadn't visited in all that time, so it doesn't strike me that she regularly visits them).  In the end, the sign went down because of Sandy.

I have a better one then that

True story, there was a candidate running   for an office  in our town and one of the candidates neighbors had a sign on their lawn for the opponent and the candidate called the brother of the neighbor and the brother called his sister and told her to take the sign off of her lawn.

The sister told the brother that it was her house and she would support who she wanted to.

Quite a few of the neighbors had signs for the opponent on their lawns, HHHMMMMMM I wonder if that was telling the candidate what they thought of the candidate.


So, SS Daughter takes her parents political views a little too personally and tries to deny them the right to show their support of their candidate because she doesn't like it.

This reminds me of a couple of years ago.  Current housemate used to own a home in another state with her now ex-DH.

For years they'd displayed a sign in their front yard near election time for Candidate A of Blue Party.  Then, over the course of time, policy changes, scandals, so on, they no longer supported Candidate A, and when he asked if they wanted a sign for the upcoming election, they declined.

Candidate B for Red Party was door-knocking in the area, and asked, after talking to them, if they would display his campaign sign, which they agreed to.

Candidate A, being a bit of a SS, got annoyed when he drove past their house and saw the opposing candidate's sign, so he reported them to the local council for displaying illegal signage on their property.  The equivalent signage of which he'd been supplying them for many, many years.     He also apparently reported everybody else that had a sign for Candidate B. 

Housemate and exDH copped a big fine from the council...  which they referred to Candidate B who paid it for them. 


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Re: Special Snowflake Stories
« Reply #18005 on: November 16, 2012, 04:40:25 PM »
I can't decide if this is SS or brain hurty, so I'm going to drop it here.

My DP, who as many of you know is recovering from a major health issue (5 months in the hospital last year), wanted a grill when we moved to the new place. Not a standard one, mind you - a super fancy, wood pellet burning grill that costs $$$. It's easy to use, environmentally friendly, etc. and since it's got a thermostat and holds its temp, and has a remote to show the temp and such she can operate it with a minimum of standing around waiting for things. It was the one thing she asked for in the move, and I said yes, and we bought the grill. The movers, in their infinite wisdom, managed to hide the grill cover and the bag of wood pellets we'd bought with it, and so it sat, unused, for two months, as we were busy and hadn't had a chance to go anywhere to get more pellets (they aren't something you can just pick up at the store).

Here's the brain hurty/special snowflakey part - we mention that hadn't gotten pellets yet to my parents, who were coming up for a weekend. Mom finds some local to her, and they bring us a big bag of them. We all plan (including DP) for us to have a grilled dinner the second night they were there - steaks, baked potatoes, corn, etc. and mom and dad buy all the stuff. DP gets really sick the morning of the planned dinner - this happens, with some regularity, since her hospital time. Mom and dad, with DP's permission and blessing, get the grill going and make dinner for all of us. DP eats dinner, is gracious, all is well. Until after they leave - when DP says that even though she loves the grill, she wishes she could replace it with another identical one and give the one we have to mom and dad, because it 'no longer feels like hers' since my parents were the first to use it.

I'm baffled by the whole thing.

I can see feeling this way - when you are sick you tend to attach an undue amount of importance to mundane or everyday things. I can only imagine that that would be magnified 1000x when you are sick for an extended period of time. DP has probably been looking forward tremendously to cooking on 'her' grill for a long time and then her illness got in the way at the last moment. That's got to be disappointing. However, I know that personally I would feel silly for feeling that way and would certainly be gracious while guests were there, but may let my disappointment and 'silly' feelings out to DH once they left because he is my 'safe' person and gets to see allllllll my crazy  :)

Now, if you said she was actually insisting on buying a new grill...

I'm hoping that once she uses it a time or two she'll feel a little better. Sadly, she hasn't had a chance to yet, between weather and other logistics. Hoping maybe soon, though! Glad to hear it's not totally out of the realm of 'normal' though... I was a bit worried. LOL

Can it only burn wood pellets?  If not, burn some sage to "cleanse" it and then have a big re-christening dinner.  Or call it the beta-testing run.


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Re: Special Snowflake Stories
« Reply #18006 on: November 18, 2012, 05:57:22 PM »
I work at a call center.  I was recently promoted to the 2nd level of support.  I get a mix of complicated technical issues and complicated or snowflakey customers, so I suspect I will have more posts.

Now, the customer started off upset, but not exactly snowflakey.  He had lost data due to a troubleshooting step a previous representative had him do, and he was calling back, and ended up on the other end of my phone.  The customer wanted compensation for his data loss, which we don't usually do, but since the step done that caused the data loss had been recorded, we were going to make an exception.  I got him over to the customer service specialists as he was asking for compensation I couldn't do.  I arranged to call him back after to make sure he was taken care of, as he was nervous, and didn't really want to talk to anyone other than me.  (Apparently I was the only one whom he felt cared).

I called him back the next day to check in.  I discovered he had hung up on the 2nd level of the customer service department after being offered an item worth just about $300.  He was very upset, as he didn't want the item.  So, I went to the same department to check, and I was given authorization to give him that value of item myself as he didn't want to talk to anyone else.  (That item was about twice the value I could usually give, even with authorization from my manager, so we're talking major exception here.)  The rep was actually saying how it was more than he'd usually give, but he wasn't going to offer less than the previous rep.  I was advised I could let him choose any item at that value.  I advised the customer of this, and advised he could choose ONE item of that value.  I call the customer back, and we have a conversation, where he somehow manages to misunderstand my ONE item and the fact that we were talking about ONE item, though he was asking questions about another (I didn't wonder as it was an accessory for a product he stated he had purchased recently).  I set up the process by which we would ship the one item, which goes to an administrative department to confirm all the details.  The admin department calls him and he asks about the second item.  I get emailed to confirm what had been offered, and I call the customer.

The man FLIPS OUT when he learns that he isn't going to get the item.  He was getting an item that cost nearly as much, if not more than what the item the data loss occurred on cost.  But, that wasn't good enough.

But, he's not getting anything now.  He said to forget it, so I did.  I emailed the admin rep and cancelled the item.

This second story is also about asking for stuff (money, in this case:

I had a customer who had been on the phone a very long time trying to work an issue out, blaming our company when he first got on.  The very first thing he wanted was our company to pay for any phone charges he may have incurred by the call.  Now, he had arranged it where we call him- so the only charges would have been if he was charged for incoming calls.  I was honestly a bit baffled, because that was the first time that I had heard anything like that.  It took me about 20 minutes to calm him down.  At least 20 minutes.  Then, I resolved his issue- turned out the problem was he had used two different emails in the past, and that had led to the issue... so it wasn't our company's fault, even.

Most of my customers are awesome... but some are just special.


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Re: Special Snowflake Stories
« Reply #18007 on: November 18, 2012, 07:54:27 PM »
Two SS stories, both car related:

SS 1 happened at Christmas a few years ago.   There was a homeowner who lived in a fairly secluded, exclusive wooded area, but his home was visible from the (very busy) highway.  He decided to go all out decorating his house for the holidays, and he did a beautiful job.   One night, someone driving in front of us on the highway saw the gorgeous lights display and STOPPED DEAD so that he could get a better look.  As in, he was traveling at 100 kph and slammed on the brakes.   He's lucky we didn't hit him.

SS 2 happened in the parking lot of my local Safeway.  I was using the pedestrian crosswalk to get from my car to the store when I noticed a car driving slowly towards me.  The driver had her window open and was happily chatting away to someone walking on the sidewalk - without looking where she was going, and while her car was moving.   I couldn't believe my eyes - she was almost on top of me before I realized that she didn't even know I was there.  I slammed the palm of my hand on the front of her car and roared "HEY!".  She gaped stupidly at me, and boy, did I give her the Evil Glare.


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Re: Special Snowflake StoriesPetere and the hus
« Reply #18008 on: November 18, 2012, 11:15:19 PM »
From my nephew's birthday party
BIL and his friend Peter- 2 hours before the party. I have both kids, so that sis could clean the house. BIL and his friend decide they are hungry. Did they go get some take out - no they grilled fajitas, made homemade salsa. So sis wasn't able to finish her pinwheels.

The party was at the house with a bouncy house, pinata- the kids old enough to know how to behave and most of the parents stayed. Still I stopped kids from climbing on the pool table and jumping off, sis caught them filling the whirlpool bath to make bubbles.

After everyone else had left we still had 2 neighbor girls, friend from the fajitas and his daughters. A family called and asked if they could come by and drop off nephew's present (they had another obligation and couldn't make it to the party). While they were there the neighbor girls' mom came by to get them - and passed out drunk on the stone floor. We distracted the kids, and BIL called the neighbor's husband to come and get her. We kept the kids for about another hour, giving the husband time to get her to bed. Then BIL walked the kids home.

Family that came late were not SS - they were actually helpful putting some of the toys together. In a funny turn of events Sis was introducing family that came late to Peter - turned out the husband of the late family were frat brothers that lost contact.
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Re: Special Snowflake Stories
« Reply #18009 on: November 18, 2012, 11:45:29 PM »
Had a guest of the hotel/restaurant I work at now show off his Special Snowflakiness. 

When the hotel has big groups in for events, they have the option to purchase  coffee for the group.  Said coffee, if it is a serve-yourself setup, may include large disposable coffee cups.  The cups are NOT available as part of the lovely hot breakfast spread this particular hotel chain puts out - we simply do not have access to them in the kitchen, as if they are in the hotel at all, they are in a locked storage area.  The group event team orders them in when they're used for events - it's not something we regularly stock or even need on short notice.

This guest spent the better part of ten minutes trying to cajole one of these cups out of me.  Yes, I was really this polite to him about it - it's what I get paid to do.  He didn't get angry about it and he wasn't actually rude about it either.

Guest:  Can I get a bigger coffee cup?
Me: I'm sorry sir, the cups we have out are the only size hot cups we have - the mugs and the foam ones that you see are what we have.
Guest:  But I want one of the bigger ones.
Me: I'm sorry but we don't have bigger ones - I wish we did, because I'd like to use them for drinks too.
Guest:  But I used to get bigger ones here.
Me: I'm sorry, but the ones we have out are all we have in the kitchen.  You can take as many of the disposable ones that are out here as you want though.
Guest:  When you do the big events sometimes you have bigger cups.
Me:  I'm sorry sir, but even if the event staff does have them, we don't have access to them, and I'd be in big trouble if I tried to get into their supplies.
Guest:  But when I was here last year, the girl would get them for me.  Say you weren't here last year, were you?
Me: I haven't been here that long, and none of the other staff was here last year either.  We don't have any big cups available at all, sir.  Even if banquet has them in for an event, they're counted out for that event and stored in a locked cabinet, because someone else has paid for them.
Guest's mother (a lady with a classy southern accent): "Land's sakes, son, quit bothering the lady and get one of the cups they have out there."

The guest was somewhere in his thirties - his mother, however, had that "I was pretty sure I raised you better than that," look and tone. I was barely able to keep myself from laughing at that point.  He sheepishly slunk off to the drink station.


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Re: Special Snowflake Stories
« Reply #18010 on: November 19, 2012, 02:49:10 AM »
I think the same person who's been bugging me on a fanfic site has changed tactics, though I have no way to prove that it's her.  I got a message in my inbox from another writer on the site, and it seems that Special Snowflake Writer (SSW) is now getting other writers (or, at least, one other writer) in on the action.  Here's the message.

"Hi. I left a review on this story too in case you don't see this.

So anonymous reviewer asked me to finish (story name) for
you. Can I? It's a really good start and I enjoyed the first chapter.

Hope to hear from you!"

Doesn't no mean no anymore?  Anyway, I sent back a polite request that this other writer not to continue my story for me, and I got a quick reply back saying that this person will respect my wishes.  It was actually a pleasant reply, which sort of balances out the odd (to me, anyway) request.  At least this person was reasonable!


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Re: Special Snowflake Stories
« Reply #18011 on: November 19, 2012, 02:59:15 AM »
Wow.  Some people know no bounds, Crochet.  You might want to put up something in your profile that all stories are yours, to not complete them, and put a complete tag on the ones that are complete.

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Re: Special Snowflake Stories
« Reply #18012 on: November 19, 2012, 10:43:19 AM »
Guest's mother (a lady with a classy southern accent): "Land's sakes, son, quit bothering the lady and get one of the cups they have out there."

The guest was somewhere in his thirties - his mother, however, had that "I was pretty sure I raised you better than that," look and tone. I was barely able to keep myself from laughing at that point.  He sheepishly slunk off to the drink station.

Hahaha - that's too funny!


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Re: Special Snowflake Stories
« Reply #18013 on: November 19, 2012, 11:28:25 AM »
I read this on a mom's forum I read occasionally.  Mom is shopping with a newborn in a baby carrier and is in line at customer service.  Ahead of her is an elderly lady.  When Elderly Lady steps up to the counter, mom puts the baby carrier on the floor between them (so right behind EL).  EL completes her transaction and steps back, tripping over the baby carrier a d falling on the baby.  Mom loses it and starts screaming at EL, EMS is called for both EL and the baby, chaos ensues.

What amazed me was the number of responses blaming the elderly lady for daring to not constantly monitor the location of the BAYBEEEE and placing full blame on her.

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Re: Special Snowflake Stories
« Reply #18014 on: November 19, 2012, 11:31:56 AM »
Wow.  Some people know no bounds, Crochet.  You might want to put up something in your profile that all stories are yours, to not complete them, and put a complete tag on the ones that are complete.

I'm considering that, but I don't want this person to think I'm singling them out (not the SSW, but the one who messaged me last night).  This person left a signed review also asking the same question, and last time I checked those can't be removed.  I tend to give people a bit of a pass on a nervy request if they accept my "no" graciously and move on.  Now I'm on pins and needles worrying about seeing a continuation of my story by some other person who didn't bother to ask permission.  Well, not really...I'm not super worried about it, just mildly irked.  If someone else asks me, though, I'll definitely put a note in my profile.