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the bat out of hell labrador as greeter!!

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Ok, I actually like dogs...small dogs, even big dogs if they dont jump up with the full weight of their 100 lbs on you and lick you to death. I might not mind my own labrador jumping on me sometimes and welcoming me home..but not necessarily the very large, active apr 100 lb dog of a friend of mine. Well i should say I'm ok with it to a point. I wanted to know what your thoughts are on if you visit someone and they think they're dog, (or cat I suppose, but more likely to be a dog) greets you by jumping up on you, several times, barking loudly with a bark that sounds like thunder (although not an aggressive bark, it's a bit's his way of saying hi!!) and then when you sit down keeps trying to either jump on your or lick you. I have another friend with a fairly large dog, she's almost as large as 'Storm' the labrador..both freindly dogs, but both are a  bit much, esp for people who dont nexessarily want a large dog making themselves at home on their lap. WHen i visited the first firend, owner of "Storm', I never said anything, just an occasional, ok stop, to him when i was wanting him to cool it a bit. The second friend owner of the otehr large 90 pounder, was a bit more awkward-- bc my dd really *doesn't* appreciate being greeted by a jumping, drooling, barking licking 90 lb whirling dervish with fur!! I am more of a dog person, she is less so, she  is ok with dogs who are more quiet and stay to themselves like a beagle or something, and then SHE can go up to pet them as she wants...I spent that trip there constantly trying to politely manuever the large dog away from my dd, my friend bless her heart thinks everyone loves dogs as much as she does...a couple times she would say to my dd to pet her and then the dog would go away...however after being jumped on by this vewyr large powerful looking dog, my dd was too timid and shied away from wanting to give her a few I tried to help her pet the dog, it was not fun for her...the rest of the time there, that dog seemed to insist it be acknowledged by her before it would go away.
I felt uncomfortable asking her to put her dogs away, once I think after a prolonged doggy love fest that went unreciprocated by dd, I gently asked, uh, do you think maybe we could put Zoe in the other room for a while? she did, but i wasnt sure if that's rude, or nervy of me to ask her to put her dog away??I am betting it's ok to do taht...if she isnt able to keep her dog more mellow...any thoughts? sometimes people get offended about their dogs just like they woudl their kid..i didnt want to step on her toes, but i didnt think it fair to dd to have her put up with this overly enthusiastic dog. My friend seemed to think it ok because it shows how much her dog likes her,,..

You will be doing your friend a favor by speaking up in a nice way.  Even the most ardent dog lover generally doesn't appreciate being jumped on by a dog of any size.  I'd start doing things like calling from the cell right around the corner- "Almost there, do you think you can put the dogs up long enough for us to get in the door without getting jumped on?  It scares my daughter when the dogs jump on her."  (Just my opinion here, but I feel it's ok to ask that, but not for the dogs to be put away the whole visit.) If she won't do it, and she does sound kind of clueless about this, I'd just firmly push the dog off and tell it (words meant for Owner's ears) "We love you Storm, but not when you jump on us." 

Repeat repeat repeat. 

Just like with kids.  The dog owner or parent is free, I guess, to allow their little loved one to be annoying, but you have every right to set your own personal boundaries.  Heck I'm an idiot about dogs and let them lick me and everything, but one friend's dog has SUCH bad breath that I can't stand it.  I'm nice to the dog but the minute that little tongue gets anywhere near me I firmly push her away.  And I push off dogs who jump on me.  The trick is to train the dog, since the owner seems untrainable.  The dog wants attention- give it to him on YOUR terms.

It's a shame.  Dog owners like this cause a lot of problems, for other people and for dogs in general.  I'm glad your DD didn't become afraid of dogs because of this.  Kudos to you, because you had to have shown a relaxed attitude to help her achieve this.

I had to laugh at this though:

--- Quote ---I am more of a dog person, she is less so, she  is ok with dogs who are more quiet and stay to themselves like a beagle or something,
--- End quote ---

My dog is part beagle and she is INSANE.  She's mostly trained not to jump on people- but she's just so excitable that it's a lesson we have to go over  She is ruled entirely by emotion and because she's always Thrilled With Life it's hard to make her pay attention like she should.

ohh, that is a good  term, 'THrilled with life...' that sums up the attitude of these 2 dogs, and thrilled with people!
the only beagle my dd saw was a very demure little beagle, properly named "Sophie' she had a petite pink collar on, and was completely quiet, and just sooo sweet. Another dog had a ball, she wanted it, but only looked at it as if she were thinkign "I wish I could play with that..' and stood there like a little well behaved girl, oh so cute.

I actually did have a beagle mix dog when I was little, he was definately not demure, sweet as heck and also, uh-hum, THrilled with Life. He was a fence jumper extraordinaire and managed as a half grown pup to clear an almost 6 foot high fence. Yes, THrilled with Life indeed...

We have a huge, ultra-excitable German Shepherd who just LOVES to lick people and rub on them...not to mention I think most states require permits to have a tail the size of makes quite the sound when he wags it and it hits the wall. We ALWAYS put him in the backyard when we have guests for the first fifteen minutes or so. Then he runs around and barks at the birds and gets his energy out. He's still excited when he comes in, but by then he's calmed somewhat, and we're all seated and able to defend ourselves.

So, to answer the question, not only is it fine to ask them to put up the dogs, but to do so is just common courtesy on their part.

I LOVE dogs, but I do not wish to be jumped on, nor have my private areas sniffed.    When I had a dog, she was trained not to do that.  She was friendly, she loved people, but she knew to sit and let people adore her!  She was such a good dog, that when Hubby and I lost her, we could not bring ourselves to get another dog.   She's been gone 13 years now, and we still are not ready for another dog.

I usually will correct a dog if the owners will not. Or I limit my exposure to the dog.



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