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Author Topic: the bat out of hell labrador as greeter!!  (Read 4382 times)

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Re: the bat out of hell labrador as greeter!!
« Reply #15 on: April 13, 2007, 05:17:35 PM »
I am not a dog person. I do not like animals jumping, sniffing, licking, etc on me at all. I do not require someone to lock their dog up when I go to visit only not to have them jump, sniff, lick or anything else to me.

I do have one friend who can't understand that not everyone loves her dogs. Because of her not controlling her dogs I will not go to her house. We get together else where. If she askes me over I tell her that I would come over, but I don't like dogs that jump, sniff or lick me.

I also have friends that have dogs that are wonderfully behaved and I have no problem being there.


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Re: the bat out of hell labrador as greeter!!
« Reply #16 on: April 14, 2007, 07:20:25 AM »
To the OP; I believe it is beyond rude for the dog Zoe to get in the pool with the kids, I believe it's dangerous.  A 90lb. dog swimming around and "getting on" me would bother me, and I'm a lot bigger than 90 lbs. and an excellent swimmer.  A child could drown if a large dog climbed on them in the water (esp. if the child is panicky about dogs to begin with).

I am bothered by people who think that animals have the same "rights" as children.  (We all know the stories about grandparents that have dogs that growl and bite their grandchildren, then get angry when called on it.) Just to clarify, I have 3 dogs and a cat.  I am not a pet hater, but my dogs are trained, do NOT jump on people, and know who the Alpha dog is in our house (me).  The cat on the other hand....

I would limit my contact with this friend until the dog issue is resolved.  I feel for your DD.  I bet she's scared and miserable the entire visit.  This could cause her to have issues with dogs now and later in life.  See many of the above posts, I'm sure a lot of people who dislike/are afraid of dogs had traumatic experiences with them in childhood.


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Re: the bat out of hell labrador as greeter!!
« Reply #17 on: April 14, 2007, 07:48:44 PM »

the visits are limited in that since they moved we can't see them all that often. All the more reason when we visit, me and my dd would like to  do just that..and not have the hassle of the dog...I could sense a slight hint of irritation from my friend when I asked her before if she could put Zoe away for a bit...and she gets a bit inpatient that my dd is isnt equally thrilled wiht Zoe as vice versa...she's a dear friend but a dog lover to a visit I will be more vocal about appropriate doggy boudnaries!