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« on: Yesterday at 04:17:59 PM »
Could we get a more dignified replacement for D-i-c-k than "wingadingdingy"?  D-i-c-k is a common man's name, and it's disconcerting, for example, to see my cousin's name in a post replaced with a bizarre substitution.  A more suitable replacement would be something like simply "D." 

Unless the word triggers inappropriate ads, I see no reason to have it on the banned list at all.  If the word is used offensively on occasion, it can be reported to the mods.

I think it's rude to treat a person's name like an obscene word.
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Re: wingadingdingy
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Co-signing this. I think it's pretty silly to have word filters for things that aren't causing ads to pop up, or that aren't full-out swear words. There is no real reason, as long as it's not used excessively, why words like D-i-c-k (a legit name) or a-s-s or d-a-m-n (mild enough for some cartoons, even) are unacceptable. I can see, even, blocking the f-word or n-word, or asking that people not swear excessively. But I'd also say that if you can hear it on television, you should be able to type it on a public forum without it being automatically corrected to "bacon-fed knave" like we're ten-year-olds.

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Re: wingadingdingy
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I totally agree.

I don't appreciate being treated like a sheltered child who can't handle the occassional naughty word.  The people who frequent this forum seem to be polite enough to not use such language frivolously.

I'm actually offended on behalf of the person who posted about the gentleman's passing.


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Re: wingadingdingy
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It has very little to do with treating posters like sheltered children.  Most of the words on the filter list are there because they trigger inappropriate ads or troll invasions.  And if the mods had a little fun with the substitutes, well...

If you don't care for a particular substitute in context, use an asterisk in place of one of the letters, or another go-around: D1ck, for example.

Edited to clarify: Go-arounds are appropriate for legitimate uses of otherwise problematic words, as in the above example of the nickname for Richard.  Profanity, even when misspelled, is not condoned.
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