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Once a week, the forum will go on "Maintenance Mode" to optimize database, find and correct errors, etc.  I'll most likely do this in the middle of the night to inconvenience as few members as possible.  If you see a "Maintenance Mode" notice when you move about the forum, that is what is happening. 

Ah. That explains a lot. I got this last night when I tried to read something.

BTW, you have a very polite computer. ;D

It took less than five minutes so it probably shouldn't inconvenience people too much. 

I'm not sure that's what's happening for me.  Everytime I try to go back to archived material it comes up with a 405 (I think) error that tells me it's not available. 

Any clues as to what the problem may be?  (please don't tell me it's me)

Like what archived stuff?  What are you searching for and cannot find?


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