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Over time it's become more apparent to me that many newbies to not just the forum but the entire site are not really cognizant of Etiquette Hell etiquette.  I'm not referring to the etiquette of how to behave on the forum but etiquette in weddings, business and everyday life. To really gain an understanding of Ehell etiquette, it takes considerable reading of stories and from reading numerous threads on Ehell, there seems to be a segment of the forum population who really doesn't know what Ehell etiquette is.  So, I've thought it would be a useful project if we were to synopsize thousands of stories into a cogent guide of how to avoid getting cast into Etiquette Hell.  For example, the wedding planning book, The Bride's Bible to Avoiding Everlasting Damnation, is a condensation of thousands of stories into a cohesive explanation of what is bad behavior and why.  We're not going to use that book's format but the idea of condensing stories into understandable etiquette is what is the main point.

Basically what we will be creating is an online etiquette "book", located on the Ehell site, that can be easily accessed as a reference.  One of the strongest points I've made to the media over the years is that much of Ehell etiquette is derived from a grassroots coalition of everyday people expressing what they find to be offensive.  So, an online Ehell etiquette guide written, edited, and submitted by Ehell forum members is much more powerful tool to shape the culture by saying, "We find that offensive," than just one person saying it.  Let me be very emphatic that this collaboration, in whole or part, will NOT result in a printed book.

How I thought this would be accomplished would be that individuals would choose an area of Ehell etiquette (and there are so many to choose!) that interests them, begin a thread on that topic and begin to draft etiquette "rules".  Others contribute to the document, editing it until there is a consensus that the document reflects Ehell etiquette and values.  It will then be uploaded to a new area of the Ehell site. 

A few ground rules...

If you could start your thread with the main EHell category first, that would be helpful.  Like this:   BUSINESS: Baby showers for coworkers or  Everyday:  Shopping carts  or Everyday: Snakes on planes

Do not quote entire stories but judicious use of quotes from stories is fine.  Linking to stories in the archive is great.  And there are 7,000 +- stories to choose from!

Any questions, ask .

Oh, and I forgot...can someone come up with a better name for this than "Ehell Guide to Never Behaving Badly"?  My creative brain cells appear to be on vacation.

Actually, I like the name.  ;D

Hopefully I'll be posting soon I had an idea hit me today!

Paper Roses:
How about something like, "Etiquette Condensed" or "Etiquette Cliff Notes" (although that may be copyrighted and therefore unusable).

I'm thinking something to reflect that this is a quick guide for when you need an answer but don't have time to read through the whole volume.

Or "Eti-Quick."

What an interesting concept.  Just one question, tho.  Won't bringing up contentious topics just rehash previous arguments/disagreements?  My first thoughts were shopping carts and shoes in the house.  How is a concensus reached when those threads are typically closed?

How about "Etiquette Made Simple"?


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