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Author Topic: The One Time I Hitchhiked  (Read 1046 times)

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The One Time I Hitchhiked
« on: April 08, 2015, 01:10:58 PM »
I'm normally a very cautious person.  I'm slow to trust new people and am very picky with what information I give them.

Back in 2011, my university was having a yearly big festival in our stadium.  I was going to go with friends, but they all had prior obligations or changed plans last-minute, so I reluctantly went alone.  I was texting another friend while I was there, who mentioned that she was going to have a bunch of people at her house, and the university's bus route went there, so I should come over.  I agreed, I went with them, and we had a grand old time, but I was still feeling kinda sad.
I had planned on staying on-campus that weekend, but I'd be all alone in the apartment.  So, I called my mother and asked her to pick me up (I didn't have a parking permit at the time).  Once that was done, I waited out on the curb for the bus.
Then it started to storm.
Soaking wet, I decided to wait inside the CVS across the street until the bus came by again.  I saw it rounding the corner, began to run out--
and missed the bus.
So, there's me, crying on the median, before I gather myself and head back toward the CVS to call mom and tell her she'll need to pick me up there.  When I'm in the lot, a car pulls up, and inside are a man, a woman and a young child.  The man asks me if I had been waiting for that bus; I said yes.  He offered to drop me off at the next stop, but I told him that the next stop would likely be on-campus.  He then offered to take me to campus.  Going against everything I was ever told, I agreed.  The woman got in the back seat, I sat up front, and I gave him directions to the apartment.  He dropped me off out front, I thanked him profusely, and he told me to hurry inside and dry off.

I have never told my mother this, because she'd FLIP.  I will never accept random rides again, but that guy made my weekend.

Team HoundMom

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Re: The One Time I Hitchhiked
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2015, 01:42:26 PM »
You simply have to follow your gut instincts.  A woman I knew once said: "I'm teaching my children TO talk to strangers.  I've made some of my dearest friends by talking to strangers."

Similar story: when I was 17 I was unemployed and at one of the lowest points in my life.  It was a super hot day and I was out job-searching.  I was far from home and walking.  A woman in a convertible pulled up and asked if she could give me a ride because it was so hot out.  So I sat in her nice cool convertible with her little dog on my lap and she dropped me off at home.

Another story: when I was 30 I went to Cleveland, OH to see my favourite band.  Very long story short, the coat check guy at the venue asked if he could give me a ride back to my hotel "...because this is NOT a safe neighbourhood."  (The hotel was only about 3 blocks away.)  I said sure and he ended up taking me on a city tour, showing me different landmarks and telling me the history of the city and the venue.  Then he dropped me safely at the hotel.  It was awesome.

Same trip: the security guard at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame gave me his phone number and said to call him the next day.  So I did and he took me out for breakfast, shopping, lunch and dropped me off at the bus terminal.  He took me to my first Hard Rock Cafe which started my collection.

Like I said, you follow your gut instincts and always have an "escape plan" in your head, but if you keep an open mind you can have interesting experiences and get good stories.


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Re: The One Time I Hitchhiked
« Reply #2 on: April 08, 2015, 03:17:02 PM »
I didn't get in but-

I was on the motorway when my tyre went. I got out to walk to the emergency phone which was about 1/2 a mile away. By the time I got there, one woman had pulled over to offer my two (then) small children and I a lift to the nearest service station, and when I picked up the phone I was tole that three people had already called them to report a woman and two small children walking along the emergency lane.

The Highways patrol van was already pulling over by my car by the time I made the call.

People are kind.
NE England


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Re: The One Time I Hitchhiked
« Reply #3 on: April 14, 2015, 05:24:49 AM »
awesome story and yes you have to proceed with caution and trust your gut.

BG - i grew up (in the 1960s) in a small town in queens. Next town over is in Long Island and that was where my school was so i knew both places. this next town is one of a series of small suburban towns that run into each other, are now *very* Jewish, and have a small-townish feel to them. a few years back, sister moved to one of these towns.

My hitchhiking story: I was flying in from Israel to Newark and i made up with sister that i would take the train from Newark to Penn Station and from Penn to Her Town. So i'm sitting on the train and passing all the cities and towns I remember from my youth, and the train got to Town 1 and i jumped off the train. My sister had given me distinctive landmarks to look for but i couldn't find them. oh well, walked to teh end of the platform and back and couldn't find any of the streets she mentioned. hmmm. saw a man (with a yamulka so Orthodox Jew) in a van picking up his (i assumed) teen daughter. I asked him if he knew where X street was, he said no, he asked me what i am looking for, and after a few minutes we realized that i had gotten off at the wrong stop. he told me to hop in and he wil drive me to the next town so i did. We chatted a bit, and of course it turns out that my sister had been the teacher of their kids and they knew my sis and BIL well... small world.... I am still very cautious and i don't automatically trust a guy with a yarmulka just because he is an orthodox jew, but this was a guy with his daughter and he seemed ok.

ETA - that wasn't the only time i hitched. when i was young we hitchhiked a lot but at the time it was considered safe (I grew up in Israel in the 1970s). we always went in groups. There was one time that i declined a ride - and i was very very scared. It was at night in a very desolate area. I visited a friend who was working on a kibbutz, the kibbutz driver dropped me off at the bustop (which was next to a nother kibbutz in a very rural area), and the bus was supposed to arrive shortly. so i waited, and waited, and it suddenly turned pitch black and started to rain. a guy stopped at the bus stop (i wasn't even hitching, just sitting there miserably) and offered me a ride. i declined. He said "look, i won't hurt you, i have a daughter your age blah blah" and i really freaked and told him no thanks, the bus will be there soon. he left, the bus came shortly after. it was a one time that i was really really really scared
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