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Stepdad's temp job rocks
« on: July 03, 2014, 03:45:43 PM »
I posted in the "good news" thread about my mom's recent cancer diagnosis and better-than-expected recovery process.  During this time, we've found out that the company my stepdad is (temporarily) working for is made of pretty awesome people.

BG:   Stepdad is a graphic designer, and has been out of a full-time job for ~2 years.  He works contract positions & freelances while hoping a FT job will appear.  He had been in the current job for about 2 weeks when mom's diagnosis came through. 

Awesome 1
- His boss immediately told him that whatever time he needed off would not be a problem.  (Unpaid, of course, but still good to know that he could spend the day of the surgery at the hospital without worrying about losing the job)

Awesome 2
- The company had an employee picnic with raffle, and Stepdad's boss entered his name into the raffle.  Stepdad won the biggest prize - a 49" flat screen TV!  We joked at home that they should now hire him full time to recoup their costs, lol.

Awesome 3
- Stepdad's car failed inspection.  According to our trusted mechanic, the repair would be about $300, mostly for the part.  Temporary company happens to manufacture and sell parts, and he was able to get the item in question for $40.  Total cost of repair + labor = $130!

Things like this reinforce my belief that the universe is looking out for us :-)
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Re: Stepdad's temp job rocks
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2014, 09:54:42 AM »
Fantastic! I hope your stepdad is able to get on there permanently. They sound like a great company to work for!

And I'm so glad that your mom is doing well. It's so scary when a relative receives a serious diagnosis.

Keeping happy thought for you and yours!

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