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"Paying it forward"....acts of kindness done for you by strangers

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Or even acts of kindess you have seen strangers do for each other..

Does anyone have any stories like this?


YES!!! Just this morning, the person ahead of me in the drive-thru at Starbuckies paid for my order.....and I only found out about it when the cashier told me my order had been taken care of and refused money!  How did that person know that I get paid once a month and, by this time in the month finances are a bit tight? :)

I have a bad ankle due to a staph infection when I was 12 and therefore have to wear special (and expensive!) shoes. As a poor student, I couldn't afford many shoes, so when my winter boots died, I knew I'd have to make do with sneakers and thick socks for awhile.

A couple of days later my grandmother called me. One of the couples in their biblestudy group had given grandma DKK500 (US$100) to give to me, for a pair of shoes (note: grandma did not know my boots had just died). They'd been part of the crowd who'd been praying for me while I was at the hospital with the infection, knew about the expensive shoes and had recently been feeling a burden on their hearts to help me out financially.

At the time I couldn't afford NOT to take it, and they insisted I didn't pay them back, but paid it forward, when I had the money.

I still have those boots, and I've paid it forward more than once.

I had a flat tire once. Managed to make it to a gas station. Someone there changed it for me.

One day I had food poisoning but still went to class to take a test. A fellow student walked me to the classroom and made sure I could stay up.

A friend prayed for me during a tough time and stood up for me. Someone else changed her mind about me and stood up for me even though beforehand she had followed the crowd. Various other people followed and stood up to the bullies.

This might not seem like a big deal, but its the one that I think of most. Years ago, when my son was about 2, maybe younger, we went out of town with his father and his fathers family. We received a call that there was a family emergency and I had to go home right away. I had received this call when I was at the store, and because I wasn't thinking straight afterwards, I opened the door too quickly and took off the top of my pinky toe. I wasn't old enough to have a drivers license, I didn't have money for two plane tickets, and I couldn't ask all of his family to come home early for me.... so we decided to take the bus. Just me and my 2 yr old and my busted up toe taking 24 hour bus ride home with a lot of luggage. We had already been on the road for about half a day when we changed buses. I had could barely hold myself up with all the stuff I was carrying and trying to protect my son from anybody that might not see him walking in front of me. This man who wasn't even close to the front of the bus came quickly and asked to carry my stuff for me. I let him and he led me and my son to two seats close to him and his son. They both had a lot of funny stories to tell me and my son and were just so ... warm. When the bus had a stop, I couldn't get down because my son was alseep and I wasn't hungry. When they came back on the bus they had bought us some snacks for whenever we got hungry. They had no idea how dark my life was at that moment, and they were still so caring.


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