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"Paying it forward"....acts of kindness done for you by strangers

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EHell had it own pay it forward moment about a decade ago.  One afternoon I smelled something odd in the utility room of our 130-year-old house.   We couldn't place what it was and even thought it might have been a freon leak from the freezer.  I called 911 and within minutes our house was filled with 15-20 volunteer firefighters.   They quickly ascertained that a circuit breaker was scorching and about to catch fire.   Had we been away from the house that afternoon, it would have burned the building to the ground.   One of the firefighter's father was a retired electrician and he was called.  He came over and replaced the faulty circuit breaker while holding the rapt attention of all these firefighters.    He refused any payment for the new breaker or his time.

So, I organized a fundraiser on EHell to benefit our tiny, all volunteer, woefully underfunded fire station telling Ehellions that we were saved from fiery destruction.  Ehellions donated over $500.00  which I gave to the fire chief from the members of the Ehell forum. 

Thank you to the nice lady who saw me miserably walking to the bus in the rain and offered me not only a ride to the bus, but let me stay in her car out of the weather til it came.

While we were visiting Hersheypark this summer, we were on a tight budget. My daughter was playing in the arcade, getting ready to cash in her tickets, when a pair of grandparents came up to us and gave her over 500 tickets. They had won over 1,000 tickets on a game of some sort, and their grandson didn't want to spend all of them so they gave the tickets away to my daughter.
She used it with hers to get a phone case, and then still had about 250 left over, which we passed along to a little boy who had only a few tickets.

Things like this restore my faith in humanity, just a little.

We have had so many moments where we have been blessed with people's kindness, like several years in a row that Christmas was going to be a little on the skimpy side (DH and I both come from large families and we also have 5 children) we received cash in the mail from Santa Claus.( the card was signed Santa Claus and there was no return address) it was always enough that we were able to give our children nice gifts, have a great meal, and enough left over to give a good amount of food to the local Christmas food drive.

To pay it forward, there was a woman that was neighbors with DH while he was growing up, whose children are in school with my children, their house burnt to the ground. Just that week we found ourselves with extra money that was not earmarked for anything in particular (that did NOT happen very often). We decided to put it on a refillable visa card so they could use it for what they needed, clothes, food, fuel, whatever. I don't think they ever realized who gave it to them.

My father used to shovel and snow blow the neighbors driveway as both of them had health problems but died a few years ago.  When they were alive, they would make sure my dad had a snack and a hot cup of coffee. 

The lady next door to my parents is close in age to my parents and lives alone plus works a lot in retail.  My dad will make sure her driveway is cleared in the same way he did for the other neighbors, and she tries to compensate him but my dad does not always take what she offers - but she always gives my parents Xmas presents for helping her. 


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