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"Paying it forward"....acts of kindness done for you by strangers

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My light on my car came on for low tire pressure thanks to the cold weather.  I pulled into a local firestone and asked for help with getting air in the tires.  The guy said please pull up to last bay, someone will help you for no cost.  After the young man was finished adding the air, I thanked him and gave a few dollars which he appreciated.

This happened years ago when I was still living with my parents and hadn't been driving (mums car) long.
Driving home from work one dark cold wet evening I'd just left the street lit when a lorry coming the opposite direction flicked up a stone and my previously un-chipped windscreen shattered. it stayed together but all the edges of glass basically made the entire screen white. I stopped swore a bit before realising there was a tyres/brakes/exhaust (no servicing) garage only 1/4 mile back. so I walked back asked to use the phone (pre mobiles) to call my parents, only they were out for the evening and my sister being on 15 couldn't help.
When they heard the problem the guys at the garage went out and brought the car back, offered to keep it locked up over night so my parents could arrange repair the next day and got me a lift to the bus station so I could get home without getting any wetter than I already was.
They were so surprised the next week when I took them a big tin of chocolates to say thank you and I still go there for tyres/brakes.

Team HoundMom:
I came home at lunch one day to find our driveway had been snowblowed.  (I drive a Jeep, I just launch over the plow-bank but was dreading backing in later.) Found out it was the neighbours across the street who we don't even know.  I left a thank-you note on their door with some treats for their dog and my phone number in case they'd like to get our dogs together for a playdate (I have a fast Coon Hound, they have a fast Border Collie.)  The husband texted later thanking us for the treats and said they'd love to get the dogs together when the weather gets nicer.

This week Iím paying it forward.

Three years ago, my parentsí home was destroyed in the Joplin MO tornado that devastated a third of the city.  In the wake of the disaster, the goodness of people shone like a million suns.  Desperately needed items arrived by the truckload.  Volunteers roamed the streets offering help. Some high school kids from a nearby city found my brotherís dogs (alive) in the rubble.

This past week a tornado struck a city in my state.  Some residents of my city are filling two semi trailers with donated items that will be driven to the site.  Iíve gone through my house, boxing up things that I know will be of use.  Iíve also purchased quantities of items I know will be needed.

Iíve made three trips to the donation site, and each time there was a continual stream of cars arriving with donations. 

We get so jaded by unending bad news and stories of bad people, but in the worst of times, itís obvious that the world is full of wonderful people.  Being reminded of that is a gift in itself. 

I can't remember if I've posted this before...

At the beginning of last school year I was buying supplies at walmart.  I had reached my limit (payday was waaaay away) and had to put a couple of cases of spiral notebooks and some pencils back.  The man behind me asked how many kids I had in school and when I told him none, I was buying supplies for kids who didn't have any, he bought the rest and then added to what I already had.  He was totally gracious and just told me to have a good year and that teachers are underappreciated.

When I told someone about this a couple of weeks ago they went and told their church and the church had donated a few boxes of supplies and a case of backpacks.  I have a head start on next year!  She also told me that I was the only one in a long time to write a thank you note.  :o  I am being split between my current school and another school next year and both really need help.


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