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A nice little one yesterday evening - I popped into Lidls to buy 4 or 5 items on my way home after work. There was only one checkout open, and when I got there, the guy in front of me looked at my basket with 5 things in, and then at his trolley which was 2/3 full, and told me to go ahead of him.

Very nice of him :)

Earlier this week I was having trouble charging my laptop. (I'd been having trouble for a while, it just got really bad by Monday.) I had to fiddle around for ages to find a position in which to physically hold the charger at an angle in the charger port, in order for the laptop to charge.

So I took my laptop into work for one of our IT guys to look at. I was right, it was the port that was the problem. Turns out the soldering my dad did for me last year when I had a similar problem, wasn't as good as he thought, so the IT guy at work re-did it for me.
When I got my laptop home, it wouldn't connect to the internet, so I took it into work again. The same guy sorted the wi fi out for me (the switch had broken).

I thanked him so many times, because I am SO grateful for his help. He's a lovely guy who does favours like this for pretty much everyone who asks; I made sure to ask politely and thank him, because I appreciate he did me a huge favour. A repair place would have charged me a fair amount of money for the labour, whereas my colleague did it for me for free. This isn't in his job description, by the way - this was my own personal laptop from home, wholly unconnected with work, which he didn't have to take a look at. I'll make sure I buy him a drink or two at the staff summer drinks do.  :)

It seems so small, but to a kid, it can mean the world.

About twenty years ago (I was around four at the time), my mom and I were at a certain big box store. She was using the payphone, and I asked if I could play with one of the arcade machines. She shushed me, saying she didn't have the change for me to play. A couple of seconds after she said that, a couple that had just walked through the door handed me a couple of quarters and the lady said, with a smile, "Here you go sweetie!" I thanked them and went to put them in the machine. I can't even remember what kind of machine it was - I think it was a claw machine but I could be mistaken. Either way, it made me so happy and I had almost forgotten about it until yesterday when I thought of it. It wasn't a big thing, but it made me so happy for a few minutes. I wonder if they remember doing it for me. :)

Pie Fight:
Last weekend I was at Baskin Robbins, and I couldn't make up my mind which flavor of ice cream I wanted. When it was my turn to order, I told the lady behind me (and her two teenagers) to go ahead, because I still couldn't decide. They bought their treats and left the store, and when I did order my ice cream, I found out that they had paid for mine! I definitely was not expecting that.

Someone took a 1/2 gallon bottle of milk out of the cooler in my car.  And yes, that was an act of kindness.

It happened 30 years ago, on a hot, humid summer afternoon.  I was in a car accident.  I left by ambulance, my car was towed to the nearest junk yard.  The next day DH drove to the junk yard to retrieve the stuff in my car.  That stuff included a small cooler with that milk in it.  After 24 hours in the sun in that climate DH expected the milk to be spoiled and the cooler ruined.  Instead the milk was missing and the cooler was fine.  Someone save the cooler by removing the milk. 

After that wreck I spent 3 months on crutches.  I that time I never had to open a door for myself in public.  Every time I approached a door someone would hold it open for me.   


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