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I can't remember if I've posted this before...

At the beginning of last school year I was buying supplies at walmart.  I had reached my limit (payday was waaaay away) and had to put a couple of cases of spiral notebooks and some pencils back.  The man behind me asked how many kids I had in school and when I told him none, I was buying supplies for kids who didn't have any, he bought the rest and then added to what I already had.  He was totally gracious and just told me to have a good year and that teachers are underappreciated.

When I told someone about this a couple of weeks ago they went and told their church and the church had donated a few boxes of supplies and a case of backpacks.  I have a head start on next year!  She also told me that I was the only one in a long time to write a thank you note.  :o  I am being split between my current school and another school next year and both really need help.

A nice little one yesterday evening - I popped into Lidls to buy 4 or 5 items on my way home after work. There was only one checkout open, and when I got there, the guy in front of me looked at my basket with 5 things in, and then at his trolley which was 2/3 full, and told me to go ahead of him.

Very nice of him :)

Earlier this week I was having trouble charging my laptop. (I'd been having trouble for a while, it just got really bad by Monday.) I had to fiddle around for ages to find a position in which to physically hold the charger at an angle in the charger port, in order for the laptop to charge.

So I took my laptop into work for one of our IT guys to look at. I was right, it was the port that was the problem. Turns out the soldering my dad did for me last year when I had a similar problem, wasn't as good as he thought, so the IT guy at work re-did it for me.
When I got my laptop home, it wouldn't connect to the internet, so I took it into work again. The same guy sorted the wi fi out for me (the switch had broken).

I thanked him so many times, because I am SO grateful for his help. He's a lovely guy who does favours like this for pretty much everyone who asks; I made sure to ask politely and thank him, because I appreciate he did me a huge favour. A repair place would have charged me a fair amount of money for the labour, whereas my colleague did it for me for free. This isn't in his job description, by the way - this was my own personal laptop from home, wholly unconnected with work, which he didn't have to take a look at. I'll make sure I buy him a drink or two at the staff summer drinks do.  :)

It seems so small, but to a kid, it can mean the world.

About twenty years ago (I was around four at the time), my mom and I were at a certain big box store. She was using the payphone, and I asked if I could play with one of the arcade machines. She shushed me, saying she didn't have the change for me to play. A couple of seconds after she said that, a couple that had just walked through the door handed me a couple of quarters and the lady said, with a smile, "Here you go sweetie!" I thanked them and went to put them in the machine. I can't even remember what kind of machine it was - I think it was a claw machine but I could be mistaken. Either way, it made me so happy and I had almost forgotten about it until yesterday when I thought of it. It wasn't a big thing, but it made me so happy for a few minutes. I wonder if they remember doing it for me. :)

Pie Fight:
Last weekend I was at Baskin Robbins, and I couldn't make up my mind which flavor of ice cream I wanted. When it was my turn to order, I told the lady behind me (and her two teenagers) to go ahead, because I still couldn't decide. They bought their treats and left the store, and when I did order my ice cream, I found out that they had paid for mine! I definitely was not expecting that.


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