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Just Lori:
I was trying to get home for Christmas break one year.  We managed to board the plane.  We even managed to fly over my hometown.  But my hometown was covered with fog, and the airline decided to take us back to our departure city, meaning they were not liable for overnight accommodations.

I was a poor college student with maybe $2 to my name.  There was no way I could afford the cab fare back to school, just to turn around the next morning and pay for another cab back to the airport.  I decided to sleep on the floor of the airport.  My seatmate, a businessman, tried to convince me otherwise.  But when I said it was easier for everyone if I spent the night at the airport, he took me to dinner in the airport cafeteria and gave me $20 just in case I decided I wanted to go back to campus.  I took his address and sent him back the money afterwards, with a huge thank you.  What a great man.

I've told this before, but here it is again.

I was in the mall with my SO, and my wheelchair broke (came apart under me and dumped me to the floor kind of broke). Thankfully, a wonderful man and his son came over to help. When the chair proved to need some major fixing they helped me and SO get me, and the busted up chair back out to the parking lot.

Wherever he is, I wish I could pay him back.

I was feeling a pain in my leg, and I was urged by friends to go to the hospital.  I found out I had a blood clot in my leg.  I was pretty freaked out because my boss told me I couldn't work, and I didn't know when I would be better.  My friends got together and bought me an Xbox because they knew I couldn't get off the couch and was pretty much home bound.  To this day I still tear up when I think about it. 

I was in line to buy concerts tix as a special gift for my DH. When I got to the cashier, I found (to my horror) that they were only accepting cash as the CC terminal had quit working. I managed to scrap enough money from my purse, but I was short $5. The gentleman in front of me gave me the money, and insisted that I didn't need to repay it. I saw the name of a locally owned hardware store on his shirt, and b/c of that, I did give him back the fiver, and have bought mucho stuff off of him (bought a house; needed lots o' things--) :)

Just recently I was grocery shopping and had my usual cart filled with a week's supply of everything.  I step up to the aisle and start to unload my cart.  The cashier was finishing with the lady before me and, without looking up, started to grab my order and scan it.  When she had done about 5 items she looked up and said "Is all of that your's?  Cuz you are in the 15 items or less aisle!"

I looked up at the light/where the aisle number is and it didn't indicate that.  She pointed to a hand-made sign that was at the end of the conveyer belt and that I was blocking with my stomach while I was putting things on the belt.  I apologized and offered to take my stuff elsewhere but she said she had already started.

Up walks elderly man with a hand-basket and 3 items.  I apologized and told him I didn't see the sign.  I was already in a bad mood that day and all of this didn't help.  He smiled and said "No problem.  I can wait."  I really, really needed to hear that!


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