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I am *always* in the market for new kitchen linens.  I love it all -- runners, tablecloths, napkins, dishcloths, aprons, placemats.  I buy them for memememe, as gifts, and as travel souvenirs.  Most of them are stored away (though regularly rotated so they all get used), and my little dishcloth collection sits out in a basket....but I love them all equally.

Is anyone else similarly obsessed?  And if so....where do you buy your linens -- online or off?? 

I crocheted 66 dishcloths in one year about three years ago.  Is that obsessed?

The paper goods aisle ;)

Evil Duckie:
I buy most of mine off line. This is because I want to actually see the item before I buy.

I am in the process of replacing most of my tablecloths because many of them time and boys have taken their toll on them.

I love table linens, too.  I gave my SILs napkins for too many Christmases (I think they prefer paper towels), and all my drawers are filled, so I've had to temper my obsession.

I often bought them at places like TJ Maxx or Homegoods, but eBay was a good source as well.  My best buy came from Marshalls, where some Irish linen napkins had lasted through three or four markdowns, and I picked up a set of four for $7!

I also like embroidered handkerchiefs.


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